What do you think they'd do if I did this at the Memorial?

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  • jwfacts

    This year was going to be the first time in my life that I did not attend the memorial. But I just thought of something that I would love to try out for a stir.

    What do you think would happen if I skulled the entire glass of wine? Would they keep passing the empty glass around?

    I remember handing the bread to an apostate once and he ate some, so we had this urgent discussion as to whether we should hand him the wine or try to skip him out. I have this terrible urge to go and when I get the wine go gulp, gulp, gulp till it is all gone and say "damn that was some cheap sh**". The congregation would be mortified.

  • MonkeyPrincess

    That's pretty funny.
    I think they will stand there stunned, and not know what to do.

    If you try it, set up some kind of video camera, you cant do something like that
    and not get it on tape.

  • greendawn

    That bread and wine is as good as the organisation that offers it that means it is worthless. Seven members of the GB were born post 1935, and they are all lying manipulating deceivers yet they partake, so why shouldn't anyone do the same?

  • montana96

    Hi jwfacts you sound like you have an interesting story an why you left the truth, is their a link I can read on how and why you left? Thanks

    Mercedes x

  • jwfacts

    Hi Montana96,

    I have a site at jwfacts.com that is all about the WTS, but nothing really about myself. However I did write a book before i left it all that does go into some of the reasons I could no longer believe. Now that I am d/f I am thinking I might combine the personal stuff with the website and release it as a book.
    I have so much to do at the moment. My real focus is alerting as many people as possible to this cult, through the legal system, press, internet what ever. But I need time to make sure I do it professionally, and am struggling with my job at the same time. I am very impatient, but it will fall together I am sure.
    Your comment just made me think that I should also write about some of my experiences. I have always been highly energetic, a lover of people (a gossip), spiritual and rebellious, a shocking mix. However it means I have done so much in the organisation and know so many stories about what really goes on in peoples personal lives that it could also open many eyes to the reality of it all. Maybe that too would make a good addition to my book.
    I had a pioneer partner that was a drug addict, I was physically assaulted by an elder at bethel, I knew a practicing homosexual that was appointed as a Ministerial servant. All these things were what originally opened my eyes to the fact that there is no holy spirit what so ever behind this organisation.

  • wednesday


    I know you are kidding , anyway who wants to drink their wine? and they offer no hope for life.

    Depending on the particular elders, you could be briskly ushered out the door/or the police called. I have seen someone done that way. Or they could call the police to report a disturbance. (so if you do it, I would not drink/eat more than expected , be polite and follow the rules) . If you follow the rules, what disturbance have you caused? What would they tell the police if they came? wellI guess they could tell the police you had recently been df and they feared a disturbance. they would look silly though.

    in the years gone by I have seen outbursts at the kh and the brothers are getting pretty efficent at removing(strong arming ) people from the KH . It is done so quickly that few know what happened and the times I have seen it ,I was told "an apostate" and then I just thought what an evil person to come and bother jah's people.

    did you publish this book? I would love the hear about your experiences. One day I hope to tell some of mine.

  • Mr.Beaker

    Hey jwfacts,

    Do you reckon they would count you as part of the remaining in their stats? Might make the stats look better if they did, although didnt the numbers partaking actually go up one year?

  • jwfacts

    In my spare time I an trying to tidy my writings up so that they are printable.
    Mr Beaker, too true. They need to count all the crack pot annointed to explain why the end isn't here. Remember that the bible says (according to WTS interpretation) that on account of the annointed the days will be cut short, in other words, some of them have to be alive when the end comes. There are not that many pre 1935 ones left, it would only be a small portion of the 8,000 partakers, so they need to count all the other pseudo partakers just to esplain why God is still taking his time.

  • jwfacts

    Wednesday you are right, I dont know what i was drinking when i came up with this idea, but it was Italian and very cheap.
    The brothers are all so well trained they would really think I was just another insane 'apostate' and it would not help my cause at all.

  • kwintestal

    Why wait until it's passed to you. Go up on stage and help youself to the glasses they put out for display. What would they do if someone drank ALL their wine?


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