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  • daniel-p

    "4. Women can be elders and do everything men can do."

    Yeah, right. If the Society actually let women be in charge and participate in running the congregation, they would get WAY too much love, reasonableness, patience, empathy, etc. I mean, it would completey render any intimidation or "impressing" into more service ineffective! Ego-infused power-plays would vanish! Travesties would ensue....

  • MerryMagdalene

    Intriguing..........and scary. All I can think is, "Gawd, what travesty now?!?"


  • atypical

    My take is that they are trying to combat the deluge of information that people are getting from the internet. The smartest thing they could do is justify why they have had all the ever-changing policies, and make it seem righteous somehow. I think their main interest is damage control; giving the ones who are still there a reason not to listen to us "apostates".

  • caryl

    Gary, what was the alternative service change in 1996?

    Please excuse my ignorance as I am new here and I have been away from 'them' since 1985.


  • montana96

    The generation changing from 1914 was talked about at our district assemblya bout 1 year before the announced it and I remember thinking"what is this talk about", it was very confusing.

    When the Wtachtower article came out as a 2 study article I still remember older jw crying at th kh, obviously because they knew they would probably die now. Usually some talk has been given first before they drop the bombshell announcement in the WT article. Has interesting talks been given at assemblies of late? I wouldnt know beacuse my Mum doesnt reveal or discuss spiritual matters with me anymore!

    Mercedes x

  • sir82

    Just to throw my $0.02 in....

    Going with the very possible hypothesis that the article is setting up the flock for some sort of big change, my vote would be some sort of change related to "the anointed remnant".

    It is becoming excruciatingly painful to continue to push the idea of 1935 as a "magic cutoff date" for picking who is anointed, and who isn't. The number of Memorial partakers has hovered around 8500 for the past 20 years or so. Based on that 1935 date, the youngest - youngest - of these "true anointed" ones is around age 90. Most would be older.

    How many random groups of 90 -100 year olds have a 0% mortality rate year over year over year? Even typically brain-dead JWs have to wonder about that.

    In a nod to this reality, about half of the GB (all of whom must be "anointed" to be picked) weren't even born before 1935.

    And, come to think about it, I haven't seen that 1935 date in print for a number of years.

    That's my guess. The Society will jettison 1935, even though it may temporarily "open the floodgates" of Memorial partakers, and there will be a spike in the number of partakers for a few years. But, I suspect, once the novelty wears off, the count will drop back down again.

  • Sunnygal41
    I reflect on Peter's words to Jesus: 'Lord whom shall we go away to? You have sayings of everlasting life.' Then I ask myself, "where shall I go away to---out there into the darkness of the world?'

    notice the scripture says :WHOM shall we go away to, not WHERE.........it's not a spiritual decision for them, necessarily, it's about staying in with your family........sad........it takes great courage to leave and stand on your principals.

  • Nosferatu

    1. What have God's people experienced as a result of increased spiritual light from the Jehovah?

    2. What arrangment went into effect in 1919 and how was it beneficial?
    Jesus and Judge Boilermaker got drunk and chose the wrong religion as their favorite

    3. In 1931, what resolution was adopted and how did that affect the Kingdom-proclamation work?
    They decided to completely separate themselves from the Bible Students and changed their name to Jehovah's Witnesses as per Judge Boilermaker

    4. In 1972 what arrangement was instituted and why was that an improvement?
    The Governing Body came into effect. It confused the hell out of everybody.

    5. What arrangement was implemented in 1976?
    Umm, the new system of things???

    What refinement was introduced in 1992 and why?
    The end was around the corner

    In the 1920s, how did Jehovah illuminate the path of his people doctrinally?
    He blew a fart the trumpet seven times at seven conventions.

    What doctrinal truths were clarified in the 1930s?
    Beth Sarim was the home for the ancient worthies who would be resurrected and Judge Boilermaker.

    What increased light was shed in 1962?
    That 1975 *may* bring armageddon.

  • gumby

    Gary's right on track. They always prep the flock before the slaughter.

    Gary pointed out how changes are ALWAYS pre-ceeded by an article(s) that prepares the witness mind for the change. When problems result from the change......they have an article about it and use the "prep" article that pre-ceeded the change to remind them they werre already warned and counciled on HOW to make this adjustment and to listen to Jehovahs 'slave' when they speak.

    We just had a ex Witness meeting here and so far we got three guesses to get early time recorded.

    1. Blood medical treatment guidelines change or go away.

    2. The donation arrangement goes away and charging for books and items comes back.

    3. Disfellowshipping and shunning changed or done away with.

    I'm betting on #1 and I'll put $20 bucks on it. Any takers?

    Gumby.....who wishes it was # 3

  • Finally-Free
    Gumby.....who wishes it was # 3

    NOT ME!!! The last thing I want is to suddenly have JWs coming to my door with their fake smiles saying, "HI W!!! We can talk to you again!!! Don't you feel privileged???"

    I won't speculate on what changes the WTS may be making, but I think any "Increasing Lightâ„¢" can only result in a decrease in freedom for the average JW.


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