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  • skyman

    *** w98 10/15 p. 31 Questions From Readers ***

    "Consequently, while it is entirely a private matter if Christians choose to take note of their wedding anniversary, there are good reasons why mature Christians abstain from celebrating birthdays."

    Notice it Say's MATURE CHRISTIANS. This canme up in my congregation, There was a sister that quit going to the meetings she was married to a non-believer, her husband demanded that she celebrated their kids birthday. Her mom brought this up to the Elders. I went and talked to her and asked her why, she celebrated birthday's. We did not know what to do because we did not want to cause her any problems because she was hurting no one, but her mom was stumbled so we had to do something the C.O. was called and he quoted the above MAg. He said the article mean just what it Say's, she had the right to celebrate her kids birthday and if she started back in she would be considered weak not mature. He said any brother that celebrated birthday's would not be give any special privileges.


  • Saoirse

    Then why would they consider celebrating Jesus' birthday be a DF offense?

  • skyman

    Very good questions but the reason is because it is actually the SUN GOD'S birthday and not Jesus. Yes we not know when Jesus was born but we do know that Dec, 25th is the birthday of the Sun GOD is that is the main reason.

  • RodentBoy

    And just how many Christians do you know celebrate anything to do with any sun gods? How many Christians, in say, the last 1,500 years? Yes, the day's origin is in Roman religious rites, but it lost that connotation within a few generations of Constantine's conversion to Christianity, save perhaps for a few communities determined to keep the old Roman religion alive (and none of them, so far as I'm aware, ever made it past the 5th or 6th century AD).

    As to the objection to birthdays in general, the "theological" (I hesitate to use that term) backing that JWs use is so goofy that it makes no damn sense at all, but it sure does make JW kids miserable when they have to explain why they can't go to their new best friend's birthday because "we don't celebrate it". I realize that all the good folks in the Organization think that this is a cue for a bit of proselytizing, but other than the do-gooders that get trotted onstage at assemblies to make the mere mortals feel bad, most JW kids would like to crawl under a rock.

  • skyman

    make the mere mortals feel bad, most JW kids would like to crawl under a rock

    Thanks, this is the way my kids feel, because I still do not let them have birthday party's but I do get them gifts and make a big deal about it. It hurts me to not have the guts to let them have a birthday party and invite their friends over. But it would cause world war 3 because my mom and my in-law's would have the Elders over here right now.

  • IronClaw

    Why Most Christians do celebrate Birthdays

    Luke 2 :10-14 says that Angels celebrated Christs day of birth. Many believe that Job 1:3, 3:1,3 talks about the banquet days which Jobs children celebrated were birthdays. Jude 12 talks about the earliest Christians enjoying balanced merriment at "love Feasts".

    A birthday is a time for honoring the One who caused such happiness, the Creator of Life Himself, and it is also a way of showing the person who receives a birthday that they are loved, not "worshipped" as those against birthdays say sometimes.

    Gal 5:22 says that one of the fruits of Gods Holy Spirit is "Joy...".

    Rom 14 Says we have Christian Freedom to celebrate or not celebrate such days, so then, if so inclined, you are indeed free to enjoy it to the fullest!

    Many thanks to J Mason Emerson at [email protected] for this info.

  • Woodsman

    Its a part of the absurdity of Rule Making. The WTS has more rules than there are scriptures in the Bible. So many they don't understand how to harmonize them with each other. The confusion amongst the members is evidence there is a problem. But it makes the R&F ask the WTS for answers and that is what they want.

  • jwfacts

    I have never heard of a d/f for birthdays though I am sure some bodies of elders would get someone for it if they wanted.

    If the elders advised against celebrating birthdays and the person refused to follow them they could be d/f on the ground of loose conduct for not showing respect for the organisational arrangements, or even apostasy for action against the "established order among his dedicated people." elders book pg 95

    Your reasoning is probably right Skyman, but many elders are a law unto themselves and the poor publishers would not know any better as they do not get access to the full body of WTS legislation on disfellowshipping.

  • skyman

    I have seen that happen many times. But the thing that is of interest is the Society has backed down some on Birthday's. At one time you would of hung from the nearest tree. Now if the Elders do their resaerch and do things right it is not a DF'ing matter. So what is next?

  • sir82

    You are, of course, correct. I tis not technically a D-F offense to celebrate a birthday.

    But, as the article above points out, "mature Christians" would not participate.

    I.e., a JW who went ahead and openly celebrated birthdays would be viewed as "immature", and not be eligible for "privileges of service", and may even be "marked".

    And people are quite insane when it comes to these "privileges of service". I know of a brother who has a train wreck of a marriage, it has lasted less than 2 years, and now they are separated. There is one child of the couple, and a stepchild from a previous marriage involved. The whole situation is an ugly as one can imagine, his (second) marriage is in a shambles, his wife fled 500 miles away with their 4 month old daughter, and do you know what one of his primary concerns is?

    He worries that his separation is not "scripturally based", and therefore he won't have "privileges" (carrying microphones, reading Watchtower, etc.) within the congregation.

    And this is not an isolated incident.

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