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  • AuldSoul

    At the same time, the number of pioneers dropped by over 15,000, so they moved into the publisher column. Which means the increase was even less.

    How can they lose 15,000+ pioneers so soon after dropping the hour requirements? This thing is about to start an implosion, I think they know it is coming, too. They are amping the core up to withstand a bumpy ride. Well, really they are screwing the core down tightly for the ride, which I believe will be their undoing.


  • Sunspot
    The 1.3% increase is blowing my mind! These are some of the lowest numbers the organization has had in decades.

    And it couldn't happen to a more worthy organization!

  • Country_Woman


    Right, I'm off to Bangladesh where there's 1 JW to 1,311,997 people... if that's not paradise on earth, then what is?

    a very poor country ?

  • MidwichCuckoo

    Around a quarter of a million Baptised - pity they don't publish the average age of these - along with the average age of the 8524 Memorial partakers.

  • greendawn

    That is good news they are slowing down but they will try to make up for their losses in the developed world by increasing their converts in the less well informed third world. After 1995 they lost their most alluring selling point, the paradise that was to be very soon. What was definite became probable.

  • JAVA

    I guess there will always be a few that need to believe in Chicken Little's "the sky is falling" message, but it looks like the Internet is taking a toll on the Tower's growth. Indeed, "the truth will set you free!"

  • Mary
    Greendawn said: After 1995 they lost their most alluring selling point, the paradise that was to be very soon.

    Ah, but Greendawn, you obviously haven't taken in the latest spiritual food from the February 1st, WT rag: according to the WT, the New System will be here "soon". Wow! That's all the proof I need!!

  • Dansk

    a 1.3% increase worldwide in 2005...........

    Even that's too many - and I wonder how many of these are family members baptised?! No wonder Watchtower is pushing even the really young ones to go for baptism. Anything to get the numbers up.


  • Mary

    OK, I did a very brief summary just outlining some of the developed countries stats. I love the figures from the USA: They spent over 185 million hours preaching and they had zero percent increase. LOL!! Drew said: Looking back over the past 15 years only once did the percentage fall under 2%, I thought that after the fiasco of '75 that they saw negative figures for 3 or 4 years......

  • TallTexan

    Nice. Question, though. How is it that when the 12 largest countries (in terms of JW's) are listed, and only 3 of them have positive growth, that the overall growth is +1.3%??? Are we really supposed to believe that enough people came into the organization in the 'little' countries to achieve that much total overall growth?? I guess we really knocked out some baptisms on Samoa this year. Those congregations in Balize are growing like wildfire....

    Please. The Society is so used to publishing figures for the average believing witness that they don't even bother to lie right.

    Oh, and to our mates in the UK....you guys are falling down on the job. Pick it up men and women. You achieved a positive growth rate...this cannot happen again next year.....you'll all be fired as apostates and forced to go back to meetings....<lol>

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