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  • TallTexan
    The 1.3% increase is blowing my mind! These are some of the lowest numbers the organization has had in decades.

    And even this small growth is done by artificially inflating the #'s. Now that you can be a publisher w/ as little as 15 minutes in field service. Now that a Bible study can be a 30-min discussion at the door. Even doing all they can do to include these stragglers, they still can't achieve a positive growth in the U.S. What if they were comparing apples to apples for the last 20 years...I imagine there would be a significant decline...

  • TallTexan
    Around a quarter of a million Baptised - pity they don't publish the average age of these - along with the average age of the 8524 Memorial partakers.

    Just for the fun of it... Take the 6,000,000 JW's. Say that each family has 2 children. (this is very simple - I'm just trying to prove a point). That's 1.5 million families worldwide. All it would take is 1 child from every 6th family being baptized to account for the quarter of a million figure. That's definitely feasible. I wonder how close that is to reality in the U.S. Even though the growth % is '0' in the U.S., I guess there were enough baptized to account for the likes of us...lol. How many of those baptized, I wonder, are children of JW's....

  • Mary
    Question, though. How is it that when the 12 largest countries (in terms of JW's) are listed, and only 3 of them have positive growth, that the overall growth is +1.3%???

    I didn't list all the countries----way too many of them. But a couple of countries had like a 39% increase which sounds more impressive than what it actually was. These are countries that had like 40 publishers, 15 more people were baptised for a grand total of 55 publishers.

    There were some countries that had a slight growth in between 1% - 2%, but there were many that had either 0% or a negative growth. So overall, 1.3% is the growth. I think they're at 6,600,000.

    Like I said before, when you consider that the majority of those who got baptised were children of Witnesses and not converts, it's even more dismal. I would estimate that probably 70% (if not more) are offsprings of Dubs. So spending over a billion hours to covert a few thousand people world-wide?? Hell, it's not even worth the coffee break.

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