Are you supposed to enjoy field service????

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  • daniel-p

    The only time I enjoyed service was when I was sitting in a coffee shop, reading the newspaper. And even then, it was gay.

  • drew sagan
    drew sagan

    I was along the lines of what coolhandluke posted. I enjoyed it at first, but then got tired of all the stress being put on magazines and books. I started to offer scriptures and NO LITERATURE. I was a regular pio for a while like this. I finally gave it up. Now I dodge service as much as I can (still got my family situation). I can't bring myself to teach things I don't agree with.

  • liquidsky

    I never enjoyed field service. It sucked getting up early on Saturday mornings, especially since I had to get up at 5:30 every weekday morning to go to school. I never got over the nervousness either. Even when I pioneered, I was scared to death of someone answering the door. I am also deathly afraid of dogs and It was always my turn to go to the door when there was a crazy barking dog.

    I'm so glad I don't have to do that anymore.

  • IronClaw

    I hated it so much, When I was a teenager I used to fake ringing the doorbell and then go on to the next house, your turn now sister. HA HA HA. Man I ended up with a lot of not-at-homes.

  • delilah
    There were times, that I actually did enjoy service, especially when we did the country territory, or when i lived up North. The territories were so large, it would take over an hour to get there, we'd do a few homes, have a snack, do a few more calls, and quite often, the old elder we were with would usually strike up a conversation with an old bachelor, who hadn't seen another person in weeks. This meant we got to sit in the car for another hour, yakking, and nodding off. Yup, then we moved back to southern Ontario, (Hurray, civilization!) and service was boring......hated it.
  • moshe

    I really hoped that nobody was home. I always tried to talk my partner to split up and do opposite sides of the street so I could just fake knocking on the doors. I was pretty lucky - I only had a couple short Bible studies. My best candidate for the JW club ended up getting arrested and put in prison. He saved himself from a life of real oppression!



  • prophecor

    It would help if you enjoyed it. Would make it more interesting, at the very least, tollerable. I was in and out with such quickness, however, that I never really got an opportunity not to enjoy it. I imagine had I invested enough years and tears in the organisation, I would've come to hate it as well. I can see how one could come to hate it, very easily in fact.

    You tire of going to the same houses, awaiting the same responses. " I'm not interested " You make your best presentation and at times, people can see thru you, that your not sincere, that you don't even wish to be there, long before you even realise it. Suddenly, field service quickly becomes this drudgery that you have to endure.

    You look forward to someone calling off the hounds early in the chase so you can hurry home to your air conditioned envioronment, kick those cute shoes off, and just have a sane moment to yourself. SANCTUARY, I'm home at last!!!

  • Netty

    HATED IT! Fudged on my hours to keep the elders off my back, like so many others have done and still do. So their number of hours reported for preaching work are mostly made up of exxagerated numbers. Such a farce.

  • bigmouth

    One CO at an ass. once said that after arma-gideon he was gonna kick his whitenessing bag as far as he could. What a brave man!

    I enjoyed FS because I was told to. The masochism felt like some kind of atonement.

  • sass_my_frass

    Pioneered, couldn't stand it. It got better when I stopped trying to place literature and just let them off with a brief scripture reading. Everybody hated that I wouldn't try to place anything. I don't think I ever had a literature order of more than 1 + 1

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