Are you supposed to enjoy field service????

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  • Clam
    I am also deathly afraid of dogs and It was always my turn to go to the door when there was a crazy barking dog.

    LOL. I have a friend up the road from me who has a farm with 3 American Bulldogs running loose at all times. Says he has never ever had a visit from the JWs.

    I didnt like Field Service one bit. I liked talking to people about religion and still do but I hated my props, ie the books and magazines. I felt like the presentation didn't do the concept justice; and knocking on doors? Well how to annoy people!

    Trouble is I think most JWs do it for the wrong reason. They don't want to "save" all these poor souls living in the time of judgement, they just want to get brownie points so they themselves will be saved.

  • mrsjones5

    I hated it. I hated it so much that I would find any excuse not to go. Fortunate for me my parents were/are spiritually weak and most times we didnt go anyway. And I thought I was the only one who hated it, until I got here.


  • Hecklerboy

    Man, I can feel a cold chill go down my spine while reading this thread. Even after being out for 8 years. I absolutely hated field service. I used to get so nervous and cringed at the thought of talking to people. I remember getting nervouse days before field service. Funny thing is I'm a real people person. I have no problem getting up in front of an audience and tallking for a hour.

  • Legolas

    Thinking back Lucifer....Think of all the fun we could have had out in service if we knew it was a lie when we were still 'in'!

    LOL...We could have given the witlesses a 'really good' name then!...LOL

  • troubled mind
    troubled mind

    I enjoyed service when I was a child, it was something to do, and I actually felt special helping people see the "truth'". Then after 40 years I could no longer rationalize what good I was really doing driving around the country side wasting gas on houses where no one was home anyways. It's been months since I turned in a (fake) service report, they don't even call and ask for it anymore. I do wonder how the pioneers can afford driving in rural territory with gas prices the way they are now? In the small cong. here the number of inactive is growing fast, I don't remember the exact number from the past co visit,but it is increasing.

  • RichieRich

    If I get to pick who I go with, i make sure I ally myself with people who are willing to goof off, go from one side of the territory to the other, and so on.

    If I have to go with someone I don't like, I sit there and scan the old Watchtowers and Awakes for BS, that, and I do anything I can to get them to take me back to the hall early.

  • luna2

    I enjoyed the occasional donut or bagel and coffee break out in service, but that was about it.

  • slugga

    Looking back on it some of my best memory's of being in the truth are of being out on the service WITH MATES. A lot of our territory was out in the country and i used to love driving about going to places that I'd not been to in a while. However I really really hated doing it with "brother or sister rodupmyarse" they were usually the stepford wife type that you had nothing in common with. You'd spend the whole time avoiding saying something that would stumble them and inwardly flinching when they said something really dorky to the house owner.

    The worst of the worst though was STREET WITNESSING. I'd rather be tied stark naked to a pole in the middle of the town on a Saturday afternoon than do that. That was so Embarrassing! The things we'd put ourselves through to flog *their* magazines

  • slugga
    I am also deathly afraid of dogs and It was always my turn to go to the door when there was a crazy barking dog

    We used to have an elder who'd always pipe up about daniel and the lion and that Jehovah would never allow any of us to be attacked while doing his work.

    One day he got bit.


  • lucifer
    one day he got bit

    haha thats awesome, serves him right. I remember elders telling me to witness at school, to look at it like it was my own special territory

    I even once did a science project on evolution or something, it was the gayest presentation ever!

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