WHY did you exit god and the bible when you exited the dubs?

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  • JamesThomas

    Because of an innate sense that there must be something wondrous at the fount of existence, I too -- after leaving the Witnesses -- held on to a Biblical god because the narrow paradigm I was stuck within held no other way. Yet, as time went on the god presented within the pages of the Bible became more and more obviously incapable of such infinite grandeur of life and existence in and around me; but not being all that intelligent, I blamed myself for doubting him, and there was much pain and confusion.

    Slowly, there was a growing sensitivity to the suffering in the world; it's weight growing heavier and heavier, as if the load being carried was the worlds. A great hatred arouse within. A murderous hatred directed at the god which was passed down to me. It's as if my heart knew that the Biblical man-god was totally insufficient, inaccurate and make-believe, and the only way it could get the point across was to pull all my beliefs of what was real, my little paradigm, completely out from under me. I thought I was going insane.

    All that kept me from suicide, was a haunting indescribable sense that there was reality and truth here that could, would, be seen, that would end the suffering, and bring with it a peace beyond understanding.

    This, i don't need to get into, because it's pretty much all I ever write about here.


  • gumby

    Thanks for sharing bro. I enjoyed it. You reminded me a little of "onacruise" in bits on his departure. I know about the going insane part when your world falls apart spiritually.

    1.Because of an innate sense that there must be something wondrous at the fount of existence
    2.a haunting indescribable sense that there was reality and truth here that could, would be seen

    Hey.....I at least got this out of ya in your description of your belief system. I'm gonna collect all these tidbits together of yours one day till it's plain and teachable....... then you and I's gonna start our own damn church and make some bucks before we kick the bucket.........whadya say? $$$$$


  • shark attack
    shark attack


  • JamesThomas

    Gumbo, you crack me up. I love ya man, and am glad you are here.

    If I was going to start a church, it would certainly be with you. You could keep them laughing while I pick their pockets and hug the girls.


  • yaddayadda

    Very interesting question. It puzzles me that so many ex-JW's on this forum are so anti-Bible and God now, but I can understand the psychology behind it. My guess is it is often the natural result of the huge spiritual vacuum left after having the epiphany that the JW's are not the one true religion after all. JW's live in a world of black-and-white paradigms at many levels. When the biggest of those paradigms is gone, ie, that the JW's are the only true religion, it is a logical conclusion that if there is therefore no true religion, then perhaps there is something wrong with the bible itself (eg, it is just open to any interpretation after all), and by extension, perhaps there is no God, because why would a God of love work in such a confusing way and not have a true religion, etc, etc.

    The same kind of all-or-nothing, black-and-white mentality that is so prevalent in JW's is still often carried over into other areas of thinking and life in general by ex-JW's. Once they believed in it all, and that there was one true religion....a few years later they conclude that there is nothing really, not even a God....instead of finding a happy medium the 'all or nothing' paradigm that was so ingrained in them by the JW world-view has more or less just transmuted into something else at the other end of the spectrum of belief systems.

    And then there are those who end up finding themselves living lifestyles that are contrary to the bible's moral code, or they even left the JW's deliberately because they wanted to just do their own thing morally. They have a psychological need to justify their new position in life because they still feel some guilt over this so end up adopting a belief system that salves their conscience. They set out to find research that supports their preferred belief system, and having so found it, they decide that the new godless belief system was right all along. So there was no real objectivity or impartiality, just a rationalisation for a new lifestyle that is not compatible with the bible.

    And then there are those small few who perhaps do genuinely decide that there is no God and the bible is false after genuine unbiased research that is not in any way motivated by a subtle desire to prove that to themselves to justify some deep seated psychological need. But I doubt there are many of them.

    I think a kind of neutral, agnostic Buddhist position makes a lot of sense for those thoroughly disillusioned about the idea of God and divine revelation. Rather than throw the whole thing in and swing so far to the other extreme of atheism, for which the 'evidence' is even more flimsy, why not just adopt a 'sit on the fence, wait and see' approach. The Dalai Lama said that if there is a God then it appears he is sleeping at the other end of the universe, and for now it has no direct relevance on our lives to insist one way or the other and that our duty is just to live a life based around things like loving kindness, compassion, community, etc. He didn't discount the possibility that there is a God and didn't say there definitely is one. That kind of balanced agnostism is totally understandable to me.

  • skyman
    Once they believed in it all, and that there was one true religion....a few years later they conclude that there is nothing really, not even a God....instead of finding a happy medium

    I believe there is a GOD call him Jehovah, Ra, Tim, Susie, What I need now is proof for exsample; the First God was female and the God of reproduction, Sumerian tablets which out date your bible by thousands of years The Gods and Goddess, this is on Sumerian tablets, decided to genetically produce a race more like themselves. They took the egg of the apewoman, fertilized it with a male God and a surrogate Goddess carried the child to term and called his name Adam....sound familiar?

    Venus figurines dating back to 35,000 BCE have been found depicting the Great Mother. Oddly, there are no male depictions dating back that far. To ancient man, woman was the source of life. God was female for at least the first 200,000 years of human life on earth. Then slowly things changed. Hebrew legends tell of the all powerful Yahweh was originally the Goddess Iahu-'Anat, a Sumerian Goddess. Jehovah or Yahweh is formed by the four Hebrew letters Yod-He-vau-He. The first Yod means I and the next three, He-Vau-He means both life and woman. In other words the name of Jehovah is feminine and it means: I am woman; I am life.

    Shyt like this has open my mind up and I need proof of everything now. because the above is only a fraction the Assyerian's even say the name of the first women on earth name was EVE. The Flood acount is taken from Sumerian and Babylon. Our bible is a copy from their religions.

  • mrsjones5

    I think I did because I was a born in and it was all I knew of God and Jesus and I felt that if God was that mean to totally disregard any gifts I had and require me to go out and peddle this religion in the form of books and magazine and in the process making me feel dirty and evil because I really didnt believe any of it then I wanted no part of God, Jesus, or the organisation - yep I threw the baby out with the bathwater.

    It's been a journey of joy discovering that I could have a belief in God and a relief that I had been misled about what faith and grace is really about.


  • DannyBloem


    That was my way out.

    I could have lived with the UN lie, with the wrong teaching of blood (or at least until I needed it myself), and the child abuse cases aren't such a big thing for me either.
    But that they stick litterly to the bible on whatever happened and even how much wrong is has been proven to be, was what did it for me.


  • Frannie Banannie
    Frannie Banannie
    Frannie....you tellin me JWD and forums made ya a damn heathen apostate bastardette! You Jezebell!

    Dat's me, Gumbo! Aposta-babette, Jezebel! There's a lot more discrepancies in the scriptures than just the commandment not to kill, but I will say this. Once one's faith has been shaken to the core by realization that those who taught you a belief system are f'ing LIARS, the steps towards finding the "truth" about the "truth" are small and happen much more quickly and easily.


  • IMustBreakAway

    I'm new here but i figure i might as well jump in. I grew up as a witness and have yet to have my atheism discovered. (though i grow bolder by the day, give me time it will happen soon) I have known the bible was contradictory since i started reading it and giving talks. My favorite (being the little iconoclast that i am) to point out to people was Joel 3:10 which was about beating you plows into swords instead of vice versa.. But i justified it in my head telling myself that belief was just that, and it didn't really matter. But this isn't the forum for my personal story. I studied about the bible, not just the filtered history that all religions want to give you, I studied the book of the Mormon’s history and others as well. Ultimately i decided that it didn't matter that i could be a good person and just love god, though it was fake because i didn't really feel that love in my heart. How i used to beat myself up because of what Paul said about doing everything you can but if you don't have love it is for naught. But that doesn't matter to me anymore. I still believed in God up until the point when i left bethel. I had been reading a lot about science and evolution and was still sure in my head that old analogy of it being more likely for a plane to be fully assembled by a hurricane in a junk yard than for evolution to be true. (even though it made a lot of sense to me). But when i started studying astronomy is when everything kind of clicked. I realized how unbelievably huge the universe is. (i mean really really big) And that the likely hood of parallel universes had overwhelming evidence. Suddenly those odds didn't look to bad to me. That combined with an unhealthy anger at a god that would continue to torture humans and animals over a bet with Satan placed the last nails in the coffin.

    So basically i find it more probable that we evolved than there is a all powerful god that could make our lives perfect and chooses not to.

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