WHY did you exit god and the bible when you exited the dubs?

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    Deputy Dog


    For me personally, I never doubted god or the bibles authenticity untill years later when I began doing a re-search on the bible canon and how it was formed. From there, I began looking at the sceptics view of the bible and it's god which then changed my views.

    So the church formed the bible? I thought that the bible (God through the bible) forms the church.

    Come on Gumster, you know God's Word when you hear it, or read it.

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    I at least got this out of ya in your description of your belief system

    Gumby, perhaps some of the problem in not understanding or grasping my "belief system", is, I don't have one; because I simply desire to realize what is true.

    Beliefs are thoughts. A thought of a tree is not a tree. A thought of truth, is not true. Take away all thoughts and beliefs of self, universe and God, take away what is not true -- what remains?


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    Hi, Gumbers..........well, I pretty much knew all along I was kneelin' in the wrong church pew with Christianity.........my feelings about the Divine were too HUGE to be contained in one faith. Dunno, maybe it was the heathen native american blood coursin' thru my veins.........nevertheless, when I left the borg, I did it with a whoop and a holler and a kickin' up of my heels. And, I've never regretted leaving.


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    the First God was female and the God of reproduction, Sumerian tablets which out date your bible by thousands of years The Gods and Goddess, this is on Sumerian tablets, decided to genetically produce a race more like themselves. They took the egg of the apewoman, fertilized it with a male God and a surrogate Goddess carried the child to term and called his name Adam....sound familiar?

    Never heard of that version, have you got any reference?

    There is a goddess Adamma in Ebla (late 3rd millenium BC), probably a "Mother-Earth" figure, which may be reflected in the Hebrew 'adama ("ground") from the dust of which the 'adam ("man") is fashioned (Genesis 2:7). The notion of "Mother-Earth" is also frequently discerned in Job 1:21: "Naked I came from my mother's womb, and naked shall I return there".

    About Sumerian myths (including the topos of fashioning man from clay) see for instance http://faculty.gvsu.edu/websterm/SumerianMyth.htm

    The closest I know to the name Adam is the later Adapa/Adammu myth, close to Genesis on the issue of the food of life: http://www.sacred-texts.com/ane/adapa.htm

    Then slowly things changed. Hebrew legends tell of the all powerful Yahweh was originally the Goddess Iahu-'Anat, a Sumerian Goddess.

    References? There is a goddess Anat-Yahu in the Jewish Elephantine temple in Egypt (5th century BC). I've heard the claim that Yahu might have been a title of the Sumerian goddess Inanna but whether (1) this is correct and (2) this has any relation with the Israelite Yhwh is another matter.

    Jehovah or Yahweh is formed by the four Hebrew letters Yod-He-vau-He. The first Yod means I and the next three, He-Vau-He means both life and woman. In other words the name of Jehovah is feminine and it means: I am woman; I am life.
    Not really. First, I don't see how a prefixival yod could stand for the first person "I" in Hebrew. Second, "life" and "Eve" come from a completely different root cheth-yod/waw-cheth than Yhwh (yod-he-waw-he). Only in Latin transliteration can you see an analogy, not in Hebrew.

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    Gumby, golf has plenty of 'bunk-ers' too!


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    evolution was my slide, as i have mentioned before. after evolution, and learning about scientific method, the rest was easy. i just applied the same tools of logic and research that i used on the watchtower doctrine, on the bible and god. like as in: "hmmm... that was interesting. i wonder if i can research the rest of this stuff too?"

    but i wouldn't have done that if i hadn't have had a hunch that it was all a bunch of baloney: jws, xianity, islam, judiasm, god, angels, demons, ghosts, ufo's, karma, heaven, hell, etc. i think some people have had enough of a rollercoaster ride leaving the org, and others like myself, really get off on the thrill of shedding doctrine and faith. so it was easy, emotionally, to keep going. plus i had the hunch. leaving the org, but staying a xian, just doesn't address the problem of "evil" and "suffering" in my eyes, at all. so, obviously, i think one would have to be in denial to not continue on.

    one day i decided i would follow a very simple rule in determining my worldview, because the last thing i wanted was to just replace charles taze russell with myself as far as just making shit up, you know? it basically goes like this: i will not believe anything for which there is no evidence. this is a luxury afforded us by the 20th century, that suprisingly few people take advantage of. i honestly wonder how Hume, Nietzsche and Sade did it sometimes, apart from their hunch. but this simple rule is how i can go from xianity to ufo's in a single sentence of things i dropped. and when there is no evidence for the existence of god, that cannot be explained more parsimoniously and naturally, then god is a belief i dropped. same with the so-called holy inspiration of the bible. same with the so-called inspiration of the WTS. as i researched all three, i saw that the simple rule above worked the same for all of them. it doesn't take a lot of research either, unless one is emotionally involved.

    Slowly, there was a growing sensitivity to the suffering in the world; it's weight growing heavier and heavier, as if the load being carried was the worlds. A great hatred arouse within. A murderous hatred directed at the god which was passed down to me. It's as if my heart knew that the Biblical man-god was totally insufficient, inaccurate and make-believe, and the only way it could get the point across was to pull all my beliefs of what was real, my little paradigm, completely out from under me.

    yes, exactly james, exactly. these are the words for this "hunch" i speak of. TS

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