Iran: Your Next !!!

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  • prophecor

    Are you watching world events unfold before your eyes? Iraq is receiving a liberation from ancient backward politics and a ruthless criminaly minded dictatorship. Boy Geoge has stuck his foot in the middle east, to the amazement of virtually the entire planet. People, regardless of thier position, pro or con, are paying rapt attention. Iraq has seen democracy kick a hole in window of a ruthless tyrant. Do you think Iraq is worried that its next? Kinda' like waiting for the wolf at the door.

  • Forscher

    Was there ever any doubt?
    Why do you think they were so intent on financing the ongoing insugency against the coalition forces in Iraq? If the U.S. secures Iraq, then that puts U.S. troops on two of Irans borders! That, friend, was the last thing they wanted! Of all the nations in the middle east, Iran is the one that is due the most payback as far as the U.S. is concerned. All the rest of it was just getting there.

  • prophecor

    The president of Iraq is rattling his sabre. He wants Israel removed from off the planet. They keep talking about nuclear power that they're alledgedly in the process of working on. Thier neighbors seem to believe there's more to it than just that. Think the rulers in Iran are getting a little nervous.

  • Woodsman

    Israel is on record that they will bomb Iran if the West fails to stop its nuclear program with diplomacy.

    If you want to speculate as to US intentions I would ask why did the US fight a foreign war in Iraq with so many National Guard troops? I've heard from some members of the American Legion it is because they are saving the regular troops for something bigger.

  • lookingfortruth2

    Since we've been studying the Daniel book I have been considering the idea that that Iran could be the un-identified King of the North. I was even moresure of it in light of Iran's president's recent comments. Of course the WTS thinks that they are God's chosen and therefore "the land of Decoration" mentioned in Daniel 8:9. In the bible the kings of the north and south have always been north and south of Jerusalem (Jews, God's people, whatever). All I know is that the land of Decoration is not the FDS, GB, or whatever they want to call themselves.

    According to the Daniel book, Chapter 10, page 173: " And "the Decoration" mentioned in the vision symbolizes, not Jerusalem, but the earthly condition of the people whom God views as holy during the time of the seventh world power."

    Does anyone else have any ideas/opinions about the king of the north. We will be studing this in the next 2 book studies.

  • G Money
    G Money

    It will hit the fan if we go after Iran. There are so many sleeper agents in the US. How many of you have personally met an Iraqui? Now how many of you have met an Iranian? Probably most. Many support hamas. I know this personally. If they feel their motherland is unfairly targeted, and they have a US presence and have plenty of funding, the fireworks will begin on a scale not seen yet.

  • peacefulpete

    Not unless they reinstitute the draft and that would be political suicide for the Republicans. There are some that are crazy enough to try to start another preemptive unprovoked shooting war, but I've got to believe they will lack the support this time because of the draft issue.

  • watson

    If the militant Islamists start blowing up the innocents in the streets of the US, I fear for their families back home..........

  • oldflame

    I don't think we can afford another war. It would financially topple us.

  • Hellrider

    I doubt the US government will take the chance on a war with Iran. Not even George W Bush is that stupid. For that to happen, there would have to be another masive terrorist strike on US soil, with clear (not the kind of bogus-intel they used to justify Iraq) evidence that Iran was behind it. The Iraq-endevaour has turned into a nightmare allready. And Iran would be an even worse nightmare, because the population allready hates the US and americans. IF the Bush-administration would be so stupid to do that (I doubt they are), then God help us all. Syria on the other hand, that`s another thing. Syria is a weak country. IF the Bush-aministration are stupid enough to want to expand the war, then Syria would be the place to go.

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