Don't you just hate...

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  • tetrapod.sapien
    What do you hate?

    the past and the future.


  • serendipity

    Hi Highlander, welcome to the forum! It must be hard being in a family with that many JWs. I'll be interested in hearing more of your story, when you're ready to share.

    I hate pollen.

  • IronClaw

    Welcome Highlander, I hear that kind of story all the time from friends of mine who were elders, that they disagreed with a disfellowshipping and slowing drifted away. Amazing isn't it.

  • Elsewhere

    ... when you are just about to sit down to enjoy a nice hot dinner when someone unexpected knocks on your door.


    ... when you are enjoying a peaceful Saturday morning when someone unexpected knocks on your door.

  • greendawn

    When you have to get out of a warm bed and and go out when it's very cold outside.

    When people that you helped, later on try to undermine you.

  • FlyingHighNow
    down here in TX people don't use their blinkers. Apparantly there is a shorter of blinker electricity, and 95% of Texans have decided they need to conserve blinker energy.

    When I was commuting from Groton, Connecticut to Rhode Island, I noticed the same thing. Then one of my coworkers just mentioned to me one day that Rhode Islanders don't use their blinkers. Then is when I noticed the sign along 1-95 as soon as you cross from Rhode Island into Connecticut. I'll parphrase since I don't recall the exact words, "You're in Connecituct now. It's the law that you use your blinkers."

  • trevor


    In the UK blinkers are something you wear over your eyes to restrict what you can see - usually by horses. Most UK drives do act as though they are wearing blinkers, particularly the women. Ouch!


    I avoid allowing myself to hate. There are things that bring me pleasure and things that don’t. I try to focus on the things enjoy and dismiss the rest as simply inconvenient.

    Hate uses up energy and is a destructive energy. The more you hate the harder it is to find pleasure in things because hate robs us of our peace of mind. In the end we hate ourselves for being unhappy and wind up hating life.

    I have been told many times that I live in a world of my own. - can’t imagine why!

  • Dansk
    I avoid allowing myself to hate.



  • FlyingHighNow
    I avoid allowing myself to hate.



    Well sure, that's a given. But there are things that are very annoying in life. Drivers who put other drivers in dangers are something that annoys me. I see bad drivers in both genders and all ages. I think the most dangerous drivers are those who call themselves good drivers. I don't consider myself a good driver. I do try to be cautious though.

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