Where are all you disco dancers?

by IronClaw 32 Replies latest social entertainment

  • IronClaw

    Does anybody else out there in Apostaland like the 70's music, esspecially the disco era? I used to be a DJ back in the day. I worked at a rollerskating rink when disco was king and did private gigs as well. I still have quite a collection of 70's music on wax. I can remember when I was DJing how much I loved it, though I felt like a hypocrite when I used to wish people happy birthday over the air. Some of those requests I used to get were really strange. Just sitting here reminiscing the good ole days. And yes playing my 70's music in the background sipping my Crown Royal.

  • rebel8

    I totally love '70s music! I was not allowed to listen to it as a kid though because my mother said it had origins in voodoo fertility rites and homosexuality. I love it now though!

  • Gretchen956

    I liked disco at first but it was all the SAME song after awhile! So go figure, I hated disco music and I ended up gay!



  • Buhdee

    I wore out Donna Summer's "Bad Girls." Good times.....

  • ICBehindtheCurtain

    I LOVE DISCO, back in the day I was a true DISCO QUEEN! Loved it, danced until my feet swelled up, then I would just remove my shoes and keep dancing, yess those were the days, until BETHEL RUINED IT! saying that Disco was evil! My parents made me dump my whole disco collection, AAAARRRGGGGHHH!!! Truly sad! But NOW I have all the Music again and still enjoy it!!!

    NA NA, NA NA NA (sticks tongue out at the WTS) Ya BUNCH OF LOSERS!!!!!

    IC (of the I can do whatever I want now class)

  • poppers

    Disco music? You're kidding, right? A blight upon the ears! A wasteland of "musical notes". I understand the love of dancing; surely you could have enjoyed doing that without subjecting yourself to disco.

  • Frannie Banannie
    Frannie Banannie

    I loved to disco! And I love the 60's and 70's music! It's so much more upbeat for the most part. What's tricky is discoing on roller skates or in those 10" platform heels!!!


  • greendawn

    I also like the 1970's music and thanks to mp3 I have quite a collection of it. Were ABBA big in the USA as they were in Europe?

  • Frannie Banannie
    Frannie Banannie
    Were ABBA big in the USA as they were in Europe?

    To be sure!!!

  • IronClaw

    You bet ABBA was. They were one of the most requested groups. Cant tell you how many times I played Dancing Queen. Loved the group. Funny gay men used to request that song more than the women I think.

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