Online Petition Re Quotes Lawsuit--PLEASE SIGN

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  • rebel8

    Hi everyone and happy new year!

    I have an online petition to protest the WT's lawsuit against Quotes:

    There are currently 26 signatures from 6 different countries. I would like many, many more before I send it off to the WTS. (Please forward this link to anyone/other forums you feel may be interested. I just ask all entries to be in English so I can review the contents. No pranks, threats, or foul language, pleeeease.)

    You do not need to provide your name or other identifying info if you do not want to. Just please sign it with whatever pseudonym you wish--and please do enter comments! (The comments received so far are fabulous.)

    Let the WTS know the huge number of people who object to their actions.

  • under74

    I suggestion though. Although copies of the petition should be sent to the WT, it won't have any impact. My suggestion is-- hand it to political representatives where the law suit is taking place. Also if in the the ACLU. My point is make a fuss, a petition going soley to the WTS won't do much....but to politicians and lawyers it could do a lot.

  • Kenneson

    I signed too. Going to the press and other media about it (when you have a lot more signatures) wouldn't be a bad idea either. If everyone forwards it to friends and family and other groups that should help also.

    Thanks for your efforts.

  • DevonMcBride

    I'm going to sign the petition but I'm just curious as to what you hope to accomplish with it? The lawsuit was already settled and can't be overturned.

  • katiekitten


    I guess saying something is better than saying nothing.

    Its easy to talk yourself into inaction by saying 'well it wont change anything in the long run'. Maybe thats what all the blacks thought until Rosa Parks sat down.

  • rebel8

    Thanks for the ideas. The content of my petition looks very different than political petitions I've seen. They do not have names and addresses like the ones I've signed that go to polititians. Instead, people are using pseudonyms, no address, and entering comments that...well shall I say....they mince no words.

    I initially stated the petition would be sent to the WTS, and because of that, people have responded with words directed at the WTS. I wonder how much credibility such a petition would have to polititians and the ACLU--no names/addresses and angry words. I would think it might be better to send a summary of the lawsuit and its outcome to such entities, accompanied by a signed letter, written in a formal manner.

    My purpose in creating this petition is to let the WTS know how many thousands of people object to their actions. That is its one and only goal and I believe will have some impact. They should not be sheltered from the outrage they've caused. Let them feel the heat of disapproval. Maybe it will not directly change their actions but then again, us keeping silent will definitely not impact them.

    This is the extent of action I personally will be taking on this matter, though I hope the many ideas people will come up with will stimulate others to take action. As Katie said....remember Rosa Parks.

  • under74

    as far as the aclu is concerned...if people aren't posting their real names it probably won't have any...but if something were sent to them showing how, when and where quotes civil rights, free speech was violated I'm sure it would get their attention. If anything it might get the ball rolling (with the ACLU) as far as other abuse cases with the WTS.

  • under74

    Not sure I would really compare this with Rosa Parks and the Civil Rights movement (if you want further explanation from me a new thread should probably be started for it) but it's still important to many.

  • rebel8

    Eduardo mentioned that there must be commentary following a quote in order for it to be considered fair use. That sounds reasonable given what the copyright ofc. has to say. The thing to recognize about laws is the difference between the literal text of the law and how it is typically applied in court. The latter is very important. Anyway, it is not clear that Quotes would have won the case if it was presented in the US, for the aforementioned reason. This fact makes the difference btwn authorities taking a petition seriously or not.

    I do not have the expertise or time to delve into this deeper, and I definitely would not want to be the one writing letters to polititians and the ACLU unless I was certain my position was defensible (ie there was an actual violation of legal rights). There is nothing wrong with doing so; it is just not something I personally am willing or able to do. I think advocacy is great and encourage people to do it.

    Legal issues aside, what the WTS did was morally wrong and hypocritical; that is why my message is directed to them.

    I don't believe the intent was for either of us to compare the Quotes issue to civil rights or to suggest this petition will have the dramatic impact of the bus boycott; the symbolism was to illustrate the value of action vs. inaction.

  • under74

    ya, it was wron but it only going to the WTS falls upon deaf ears. It's not really a stand unless people hear you. So, although I applaud you taking an initiative here...if you don't see that you can send whatever you were planning to send to the WTS to law organizations or poloticians, I'm not sure what the purpose is. I mean obviously the WTS doesn't care, otherwise they wouldn't disfellowship people.

    I understand action vs. inaction.....but it's not really action if it isn't heard. Look, I know this is hard and you just want to help, BUT what I'm saying is think about it before going any further because the plan of submitting a petition to the WTS won't do what you want. It won't change any minds and they won't care. I'm not trying to be negative, just being honest with you before it goes any further.

    Also, my points/disagreements about the comparisons to the civil rights movement don't have to do with this petition.

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