Do You Appreciate Getting Insider JW Information???

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  • Darth Yhwh
    Darth Yhwh

    Hell yeah! I knew that my mother was attending a circut assembly this weekend and I hadn't even talked to her in a couple weeks. I love having the inside scope. Kudos to all you informants out there! Keep up the good work!

  • oldflame


    But what I don't care for is when someone comes on here and say's there is something coming up big but I can't tell you yet, maybe sometime next week ! Hey does that person know what it is like living with anxiety for that week or two ? It's hell man just pure hell ...LOL When there is bug news it should be told when it can be told and not create a bunch of havoc on the board and there was a lot of craziness here when the last one happened.

    I thank those who work hard in giving us the evidence we need to get our families out but should use a little discernment before freaking us all out.......................

  • Forscher

    I sure do appreciate it! I love the thought that when I see my father-in-law, the elder, I'll know as much or more than he does! It would blow his mind to find that out since he thinks that I no nothing! He'll be wondering aboout the smirck on my face!


  • RichieRich

    i love it.

    when the elder is walking up to the platform with a letter in hand, and I lean over to my mom and whisper that they just want 8.50 a person to cover CO living expenses, it eats her up.

    Knowing what went down at the elder school helps make stay 3 steps ahead of the brothas at m hall.

  • Golden Girl
    Golden Girl

    When I was going to "The Hall"..I was usually the last to find out anything!..It was usually old news before I heard about it.

    I would have loved to have a site like this a long time ago. I would have left the JW's a lot sooner!


  • caligirl

    Totally.... the last special talk, my mom was out visiting and had to go to the meeting. I so badly wanted to hand her the outline on her way out the door and tell her that it would help he not waste the ink in her pen taking notes! But I didn't. Maybe next time!

    And my step son was upset one visit that he was missing a special announcement, and it made our day to be able to tell him what it was and make him freak out a bit about how we could possibly know what it was when we don't go.

    Thanks to everyone able to post all that info ..... very helpful!

  • minimus

    These sites are a godsend, aren't they??

  • Seeker4

    Yeah, I love knowing more about what is going on than the local elders do! I was talking with my ex-wife the other night and told her about the new blood card in England, allowing access to medical records by the HLC. She said she didn't believe it, but I could tell it had really shaken her up. When I gave my letter to the body of elders, I quoted whole sections of the Elder's Manual. It must have made them wonder.

    Caligirl - Vanessa was up this past weekend, and I got to see her, briefly, but spent a couple of hours with her girls. It was wonderful.


  • minimus

    Has anybody heard any new good gossip lately?

  • Balsam

    My dear friend from my old congregation who doesn't attend anymore but still in the gossip loop gave me some outstanding news. A JW girl who has been active sexually now for several years was recently disf'ed. Her brother wanted to see her kicked out of the house so he could have her bedroom and read and copied a blog where she kept her most personal information. Well she didn't get kicked out the home but she is disf'ed and I hope the dear girl will find her way out of the cult soon. I think her Dad is an Elder and the Mom is a really harsh witness with the kids. There are 4 kids in that family who would be so much happier out of it.

    I also heard of 4 other persons from my old congregation who left the witness and are trying to find their way. I just hope all these folks will be smart and not screw their lives up.

    Best gossip I'd heard in years.

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