Toasting AuldSoul

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  • ozziepost


    I feel so sorry for you away from the 'protection' of "Jehovah's loving organisation"!

    Now the Devil has got his claws into you.

    Well, that's what my mother says, anyway!

    Seriously though, well done, brother, you did the right thing.

    Now don't forget "Freedom means not having to wear a tie."

    Cheers, Ozzie (permanently upside-down class)

  • sammielee24


  • AuldSoul

    WOW! I go to cuddle my wife 'til her tears dry up and come back to this?

    You guys are the BEST!

    (((Steve))) Thanks for embarassing me

    (((Ned))) You buying? LOL!

    (((misspeaches))) diet coke, schmiet coke...find some drano and spike that thing! Just kidding, I'm not sure if a zero calorie drink qualifies... THANKS.

    (((Narkissos))) I do hope you at least raised a diet coke

    (((Muffinman))) Not sure I consider myself an apostate, but I'm SURE they consider me one...[*clinks* glass]

    (((HL))) Don't it just. I think you have something there.

    (((Lady Lee))) looking forward to it. Thanks.

    (((Marvin))) Thank you for wishing me bubbly. I have been killed but after they celebrate for a while I get 1,260 days to do my worst...LOL

    (((jojo))) I think the fact that we are starting to leave at a younger age is gonna hurt the bOrg badly. We can use our youthful energy in worthwhile ways, like:


    (((Grace))) I can hardly wait to meet you.

    (((Ingenuous))) Back atchya, and don't let them make you forget it!


    (((MerryMagdalene))) ¡A Vida!

    (((kls))) Aw, who does the monkey love? (I had a couple in my honor, too...and I can still spell...isn't that amazing?)

    (((YoursChelbie))) Thanks, and I will be calling...


    (((TD))) ( I can drink a 32 oz. too!)

    (((fairchild))) I am going to pursue my new life's ambition: early retirement in the wake of the fall of...a coporate empire!

    (((Tigerman))) Thanks for the encouragement. I can't even begin to imagine the pain I would feel if my kids were trapped.

    (((lonelysheep))) Thanks. You are right, no one can live life for someone else.

    (((freedomlover))) Thanks! Hey, do you know a good tattoo parlor?

    (((Quentin))) The real world sure is welcoming. Thanks.

    (((Dave))) Thanks, AA. (((Gina))) <--- hah-hah, hugged your wife. Okay, no more drinks for me. [*clinks* Dave's raised glass] forgets about limit and tilts it back, anyway.

    [muttersh to shelf] I stink I might be drinking jusht a bit to mush. [shakes head hoping to clear it] Nope. Jusht made it worsh...

    (((ascot))) [*clink*]

    (((crazies))) "you sure named yourself right" <--- that guy cracks me up! Thanks, man!

    (((Bryan))) Cheers!

    (((Lisa))) Aw, that's sweet. Thanks!

    (((atypical))) I believe you, too. See how gullible I still am? Just kidding, THANKS!

    (((cheezy))) CHEERS!

    (((Aude_))) I'll drink to that!

    (((IP_SEC))) M., I hope to join your ranks soon, Emperor.

    (((Jeannie))) (((and family))) Thanks! It had to be done.

    (((codeblue))) finally get to try one of......(more please!)

    (((stillajwexelder))) thanks, stilla

    You aposhtashes shrink ash mush as Ruthe-Ruthe-RUthaferd...

    (((Gretchen))) My cinnamons (sentiments) EXACTLY: Free at LAST!

    (((SWalker))) Thanks

    (((Confession))) Thanks, man. That is (to my knowledge) the first non-pejorative poem that has ever been about me! [*clink*]

    (((blindersoff))) Thank you.

    (((alamb))) Cheers! And you are welcome. It is good to know there are many others who understand the hurt, even though it is bad that there are many hurting.

    (((ozziepost))) Cheers? No Shiraz? This is worth AT LEAST two Shiraz! LOL, thanks, ozzie. [mutters] Note to self: No ties = freedom.

    (((sammielee24))) Thanks!

  • Mysterious

    Congrats! Have a drink on me buddy, nice milestone.

  • JAVA

    I turned on the computer this morning and just read the GREAT NEWS -- I'm very happy for you, AuldSoul! Life is much better when you're doing the thinking . . .

  • Dansk

    All the very best to you ((((((((((AuldSoul)))))))))!

    Congratulations on being set free.


    Ian & Claire

  • luna2

    Ha! I missed all the fun last night. Congrats, AuldSoul! Its good to be free.

  • blondie

    I take it you weren't in the front row at the KH?

    I can see how the WTS is creating a brain drain in its midst. Dumbing down from every direction.

    Blondie and Irreverent

  • TopHat

    Let's give thanks to God above that AuldSoul will not have to end his prayers with"

    "In the name of the Governing Body" Amen

  • LittleToe

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