The fear of "spontaneous sex"

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  • bigmouth

    getting a single sister home from the meeting often required you to take a chaperone in the car (male),drop her off,go back to the hall,drop him off and double back yet again to get yourself home.

    What about gay tendencies or is that just unthinkable.Could never take my Labrador anywhere by myself in case the bestiality urge took over............

  • Jamelle

    The fear of "spontaneous sex" is yet another example of how the Witnesses expect the worst out of everything and everyone. Their whole cultural belief on this matter is mind boggling. I remember it clearly - at it's best it was silly, at it's worst it was downright twisted.

    The worst part about it is that it's completely hypocritical! So it's okay for a person with a known history of child abuse to have access to the congregation's children - but lets make darn sure that none of the teenagers make out with each other. Give me a freakin' break!

  • Saoirse

    I went to an amusement park once with a big group of witnesses. The mother of one of my friends was there chaperoning us. I remember her jumping all over this one young couple who walked a away for a couple of minutes because they could have used that time to jump behind a bush and have sex.

    What kind of a pervert would imagine couples having sex in an amusement park with families and children walking all around?

    This woman loved to chaperone. She was one of those sisters who was always overly interested in what us teens were doing or thinking. She was forever talking to us about cute boys in the hall. I didn't really think much of it then but now as a stepmother of two teenagers, I find her behavior rather bizarre.

  • mrsjones5
    She was forever talking to us about cute boys in the hall.

    Sounds like she had a few sexual fantasies of her own. Maybe she wasnt getting enough spontaneous sex.

  • Leolaia

    In my case, I simply had an innocent CRUSH on someone (and I was so shy to even talk to the person), yet everyone came down really hard on me, spreading rumors of me having "immoral thoughts". And these were teenaged sisters doing this to me. But what was worse was the elders giving a talk during the service meeting about spreading rumors and gave as a "hypothetical example" my situation, and all the "youths" in the cong turned to me to stare and giggle.

  • gumby
    spreading rumors of me having "immoral thoughts". And these were teenaged sisters doing this to me.

    Leolaia....those sisters were just little horny jealous girls who was thinkin immoral thoughts and wanted to pin the blame on you so they wouldn't feel guilty!......................bastards!


  • hamsterbait

    I had been visiting SO in the cong. A Sister was leaving at the same time as me. I asked her to give me a ride into town and let me off at the mall.

    She refused, saying people might think there was something immoral going on.

    I have also been left outside in torrential rain while Pio Supersista put on her makeup. I was so saturated I had to go home after a half hour. Should have asked could i strip at her place and dry off in front of the fire.

    The problem is that the old reptiles running the Borg went to Bethel as hormone crazed youths, and assumed everybody wanted to do it all the time like them.

    Recent revelations show it was prolly easier to get sex in Bethel than in the outside congos. Esp if you liked being groped by Mr Crumblie. Look at the Bonnie and Bertha thread!! Even Rutherford left womens hairclips in his bed. mkr - again and again and again and again and again and again? THAT IS ONE AGAIN TOO MANY!!!


  • loosie

    I went over to a couples house for a get together with (gasp) a brother. We drove over and back alone in the car, and we DID NOT stop to have sex. We just drove back to my house where my parents were waiting. My parents didn't have a problem with it. But I got a lecture the following week from a brother that was older than me ( I guess he thought he was my dad). He wasn't even at the get together. He said don't ever let me hear about you driving in a car alone with a man again.

    So apparenty driving alone in a car with a man is sin.

    My comeback to him should have been don't let me hear about your breaking into a retail store to steal $$ again. Thats what he was known for.

  • bailabklyn


    This thread cracked me UP.

    It's all TRUE! How sad. No wonder so many exJWs are preoccupied w/ sex!

  • diamondblue1974

    What a blast from the past this thread is?

    That used to annoy the life out of me...this stupid unwritten rule that a man should never be alone with a woman who isnt his wife or visa versa was complete and utter crap.

    I remember elders insisting that my ex wife and I be chaperoned at all times when we were going out...complete crap and just another extension of their efforts at controlling their members (so to speak)


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