The fear of "spontaneous sex"

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  • cyberdyne systems 101
    cyberdyne systems 101

    Didnt some of your brothers make the sisters sit in the back if they were alone together! lol.

    I think they served to highten the mystery of sex that we all became obsessed by it, no wonder so many of us gave into temption - I mean honestly your body is naturally going through changes and then your told to deny it all including masturbation, I lived in guilt for so long over that, I can remember being in tears before the elders at my judicial, saying I have stopped the fornication but I keep failing at masturbation. For me that was one of the many things that I realised was so wrong with it, I mean does anyone tell you how to masturbate? No you just try it and it happens, whats more natural than that?

  • anewme

    All the jokes aside, it never hurts to err on the side of caution.

    It is a protection for men as well as women to follow the wise rule to avoid being alone with a member of the opposite sex in a closed room.

    Think of all the court cases where men and women have been accused of something they are innocent of?

    And while I agree that humiliating teens or traumatizing children with this info is poor judgement,
    young boys of 14 are very well aware of things and have desires and should be taught in degrees this cautionary wisdom.

  • JH

    I remember one cold winter, I was in my car alone waiting in front of a brothers house, and a sister(his wife) was waiting outside at freezing temperature waiting for someone to pick her up. So, I asked her to sit in my warm car instead of waiting outside, so she sat in the BACK, and when her husband saw that, he told us, this wasn't appropriate that both of us were ALONE in my car.....

    Gee, I was sitting in the front alone, and she was in the back alone.

    The brother (her husband and my friend) said, WHAT WILL THE NEIGHBOURS SAY IF THEY SEE YOU BOTH TOGETHER IN THE CAR ALL ALONE....


  • greendawn

    That is where the JW approach is fundamentally wrong, if sex is a means to gain affection, rather than trying to impose restrictions on the sexuality of teenagers they should be given a social environment that offers affection and emotional support.

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    I know I got grounded once for going to a brother's home. He had 3 teenaged sons and there was no parent in the house. I went (with a girlfriend) to listen to music. We were all not baptized. It was totally innocent. I wasn't attracted to any of the boys but my friend had a serious crush on one of them and a few years later did marry him.

    But I did get grounded for two weeks for commiting such a sin. What will the neighbors think? What if one of the boys attacked me? What if they all attacked me? Egads what if I attacked one of them?

  • sir82

    Once, several years ago when I was in my 20's, I and another sister, 20-25 years older than me, were the only ones to show up for Sunday morning field service. I was not attracted to her, sexually or otherwise, in any way, shape, or form.

    Still, she insisted that we work in the ministry in separate cars(!) I would drive to a return visit, she would follow, and we would go to the door together. Then we'd figure out who would do the next return visit, that would person would drive first, and the other would follow in his/her car, and the cycle would repeat.

    I found it quite ridiculous.

  • gumby

    The next time one of you dub sisters need to talk to a shrink, or go to the doctor, or talk to a councilor, or go to a convienent store where only one man is tending the better bring along a sister in case one of these guys decided to violate you.

    A brother is couciled to never be alone with a sister to offer council but to rather have another brother there........yet thousands and thousands of brothers work alone in the ministry talking to wordly women at their doorsteps, yet to talk to a fellow loyal believer, you need to bring along some protection ( another brother). Maybe they think witness women are hornier than worldly ones.


  • JAVA

    The Tower might require burkas as proper dress for JW women. They need to do something to help the good little JW guys keep their pants up.


  • joelbear

    as with so many things Watchtower it wasn't the spiritual safety of the young people they were worried about, it was the appearance of things.

    big deal to the society always, how do things appear.

  • POs Son
    POs Son

    JWs are ovrboard with the prventing sex thing. I make a point to not spend time with "strangers" of the opposite sex alone. For example, I am a traveling loan closer, and often end up at the home of a single woman. I usually ask that they have a "witness" available.... truth is this is just to protect me form accusations.
    Nonetheless, I do not assume that my wife is suddenly having sex just because she is in a room with a man. Especially since she is a doctor and is feeling guys up all the time!
    More reasons you don't see many physicians that are JW's.... too much touching!

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