The fear of "spontaneous sex"

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  • mkr32208

    Honestly brother elder we were just standing here, then I tripped and my penis just went right up in her!

    Why do good things happen to bad people?

  • Maryjane
    Yes but it was not just "young people". Opposite sex adults are not allowed to be alone even momentarily for the same reason.

    Yup...anyone dating in the JW religion is supposed to have a chaperone. The first and only time I dated in the religion was with a MS from another State. When he was scheduled to visit, I asked around the congregation to see who could put the brother up...NO ONE volunteered soooooo....he stayed with me :) Needless to say I was brought to the back room for a lil

  • jula71

    LMAO...for some reason it made me think of the old "youth" book and the chapter on the big "M". The chapter I dreaded durin "family studies." One of my fav. quotes........

    *** yy chap. 5 p. 42 Masturbation and Homosexuality ***


    Another thing that may be helpful is to see to it that your clothing does not unnecessarily cause friction with the sexual organs. Before retiring, try to see that what you read or talk about has a calming effect rather than the opposite. So, too, with any eating that you do at this time. Some have even found that if they limit the amount of food and drink they consume before retiring they sleep more soundly and are not so inclined to be aroused sexually.

    Who knew? A pizza and tighty whities before bed could be "arousing".

  • gaiagirl

    Once a date took me to a movie (he picked me up and we rode alone in his car), where we met four or five other witnesses waiting outside the theatre to buy tickets. We had been talking about seeing one particular film, and I decided that it would be fun to watch a different movie instead, so we just stepped sideways to the back of the next line over. When the other witnesses saw that we were going to a different ourselves...they ALL changed lines, bought tickets for the film we were seeing, and followed us into the theatre, where they sat with us. I suppose they thought we might become intimate if we were the only witnesses in a dark room full of worldly people.

  • skyman

    Hell ya spontaneous sex was great. I loved when I was left alone out in the ministry with a young sister the spontaneous sex was great. This is some of my fondest memorries. Dad never had to drag my ass out of bed on Saturday morning because I know there was a good chance for some spontaneous sex .

  • tetrapod.sapien
    Did anyone else notice this?

    ha ha, LOL, ya, i had some of that. spontaneous, combustable oral sex. very dangerous, and very bad for your health. nice. glad the older ones couldn't stay up very late... mwa ha ha!!

    but seriously free2beme, i get i kick out of how obsessed you seem with sex. it's alright. i'm obsessed too.



  • jeanniebeanz
    Who knew? A pizza and tighty whities before bed could be "arousing".

    Thanks, I'll try it!


  • stillajwexelder

    yeah and I remember the time I went to shepherd and 84 year old sister and I had to take another brother (yes I am serious) with me - just in case - yes you guessed it -- spontaneous sex

  • jeanniebeanz

    Hey, there Stilla. Don't count us elderly chicks out! We are just as likely to succome to the effects of 'spontaneous sex' syndrome and jump your bones as any 16-year-old. That rule probably saved your life.


  • MungoBaobab

    Aw geez, and here I thought I was the only sexual tyranosaurus mothers were afraid to leave alone in the car with their daughters!

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