The fear of "spontaneous sex"

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  • KimKat

    I was raised to be so afraid of men that I still, to this day, have a hard time
    being alone with a man that isn't my husband.

    But - another thought - don't you think it is weird that if someone 'gets in trouble',
    that the elders have to know ever detail of the sexual encounter. Even if it really wasn't
    sex. "Did you get undressed?" "Did you touch......?" ect. I always thought that the
    GB must be quite warped to want to read every detail of such things. The elders too.
    But I have know ex-elders who told me that they were instructed to ask for all the details.
    I think those old single guys at the WT must get their jollies from reading all of it.


  • katiekitten

    There was a big family in our cong who lived 2 doors away from one of their married sisters - one of the kids was engaged to a girl and they wouldnt let the couple walk down the pavement 2 doors to the sisters house on their own - had to take a sibling with them. Im talking all of 20ft on a main road. Like theyre gonna get in on right there on the pavement. What did they think the kids were, animals?

    Needless to say marriage was crap, ended up adulterising (made up word) and getting divorced.

    I always thought it was WELL over the top. At 14 all I wanted to do was hold someones hand and gaze droopily into their eyes. I thought it was a total insult to insiunuate that we were all going to be AT IT at the drop of a hat in the street, in a car, in the shopping mall, and with just ANYONE - anyone we happened to be alone with. I had my self respect. I wouldnt shag anyone less than a 9 / 10 !!!

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