My time on this board has now come to an end

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  • free2beme

    You know when the Russian's were losing to the German invasion in WW2, they decided that the best way to defeat the enemy was to burn the entire land of food and back in and wait for them to starve during the winter. This way, they figured that if they could not keep the land, they were not going to give it away to the enemy at it's peak of quality. So they slashed and burned, thus the term that is applied when some people leave message boards. Rather then just humbling themselves and saying thanks for the time we had, they make sure to burn a little of what good remains. Thinking this will defeat what they perceive to be the enemy in their own mind and leave with their own little form of slashing and burning.

    Don't know why I brought that up, just seemed to come to me.

  • prophecor

    You're a JWD Icon around here, why would wish to do such a disservice to your bretheren?

  • unbeliever

    you will be telling us good bye for many years to come.

  • mouthy

    I must be one of those your glad to say goodbye to since I didnt get a mention Sorry if I have offended you in the past ...Enjoy your life (((HUGS)) Grace

  • oldflame

    Well I don't know a whole lot about you but I can say from experience I have left this board several times. Thought I didn't need it anymore or I got tired of rude people etc... But I came back and each time with a different attitude. And on many different aspects. So I will close by saying good luck and there are a whole lot of people here who will miss you......Remember we are always going to meet someone either here at JWD or in life in general that we are not going to like. I have learned that you got to take the good with the bad and that it's just not healthy to judge others as we all have faults....


  • greendawn

    If I may ask what kind of negative changes did you notice since you became a member in 2002? What changed for the worse?

  • Dansk
    I have nothing else to add to this forum.

    On the contrary, IronGland! As Shutterbug brought to my attention when I was about to leave, it isn't about us as individuals it's about helping OTHERS! Whilst you may feel you've exhausted your input into the forum that just isn't true. You have much to offer and the new ones here will be mightily glad of your experience.

    By all means take a break, but come back and rejoin your friends. It isn't over until we've helped the last one we possibly can to exit Watchtower.

    Best wishes,


  • Abaddon

    Take it easy IG, and realise that 'we' allow people who 'disassociate' themselves to come back.

    Wannie wannie no havie, havie havie no wantie, as a dear Caribbean lady of my acquaintence used to say.

  • trevor

    IronGland - I am sorry to hear of your decision. I hope it is not final.

    I have never understood the need for people to announce that they are leaving. We are not actually here in the first place. It is much like a coffee shop that we can call in on, daily, monthly or yearly, to see what is going on. Each visit may be our last but why announce our intentions as we leave?

    During 2003/4 I did not even look at the board for two years. I have been fairly involved this year. Recently I have cut back on my input as I feel it is neither needed or appreciated.

    The board is what we collectively make it. To say of the board “In my opinion it rotted long ago” and leave is of no help to anyone. Why not call in now and then when you are feeling positive and see what help you can offer?

    Life is in constant flux - as part of life so are we and our emotions, so it is not wise to make fixed choices unless it is essential to do so.

  • Es

    sorry to see you go

    But glad that you have found peace

    Take care


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