Beware is this a new Elder tatic to get you?

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  • z

    Welcome, Sthilman!

  • kls

    No one has to feel they need to talk or meet with any elders . You owe them no explanation as to why you are not attending meeting or whatever the case maybe and DO NOT feel bullied that you have to . Their agenda is only to lie and make you feel guilty and you owe them nothing and you do have a choice. * Don't get caught in their web *

  • Scully

    If the elders ever dare approach me, I'm going to ask them why they waited over 10 years to make a Shepherding Call™. No matter what they say, it's going to be a matter of "too little, too late". I will tell them that if they "love" me and "care" about me so much, it certainly is not evident in their actions. And then I'm going to say that it's obvious that their motive in visiting me has nothing to do with Love at this point in time, so I have no intention of making a statement to them. My accounting is with Jehovah, not them. They stopped being Shepherds™ to me over a decade ago.

  • stillAwitness

    I had no idea this is the way it is done.

    Good thing I know now- a lot of the things I get from this site are good for my mental preperation for when i finally escape.

    thanx guys!

  • jwfacts

    If you meet with them anything you say or do will be held against you. They have their two witnesses. If you dont meet with them it is very difficult to prove an accusation on apostasy if you have not been telling anyone how you feel.

  • ozziepost
  • ozziepost

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    Struth! You're up late tonight!

    If you dont meet with them it is very difficult to prove an accusation on apostasy if you have not been telling anyone how you feel.

    Actually if you refuse to meet with them, they will take that act as an act of rebellion and term it apostasy.

    You can't win, they've got you both ways!

  • DaCheech

    This thread is a good reason for me not to accept the appointment of elder. As a MS I stay out the nitty gritty.

    As an elder I would be prone to be sued for any actions I take on behalf of this God forsaken false organization!!!!!

    I wonder how I can word this thought to the elders when I'm asked next time to become like them???

  • sthilman

    I thank everyone for there comments and suggestions. I am planning on telling the elders that I would like to talk to them and clear up this situation because I never told them I wanted to be removed from the platform. I told the PO the same night that the two elders had already judged me and came to my place with a preconcived idea about me. He wants them to talk to me again and I told him that I would. My plan is to tell them that I would love to clear up this situation so that there is no misunderstanding like there was last time we talked. My lawyer and I would like to meet them at my lawyers office and we do plan to tape the converstation. This should put a litle fear in them. I told them when we orginally spoke that I planned on speaking to my lawyer that threat was already forwarded to the Society. So I must have caused a stir. This tactic hopefully will slow them down.

  • serendipity

    Hi sthilman,

    welcome! I hope any threats of lawsuits are directed to the elders personally, not the Society.

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