Beware is this a new Elder tatic to get you?

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  • skyman

    I have a friend that was dumb enough to allow two Elders in his house at the same time to talk to him, He let them in. I have told him over and over again never to talk to two ELders at the same time. I'll get to the point. They asked him if would consider coming back. He said I dont know I don't think so But maybe in the future. They talked some time and as they were getting they said we are going to make an annoucement that you no longer wish to a Witness. He said he was shocked and told them He did not say that. They said what you said is good enough. He threaten to get a Lawyer, the Elders said go ahead we have a good lawyer. So he went to the P.O. and told him he did not say that to the two Elders.

    My friend has been out for over ten years now. He did not think it was possible for them to do this to him. He still has family and friends that are JW's and a business with employees that are JW's. It would drasticly complicate his life. Three months ago the P.O. approached him at a friends funeral and the P.O. told him, he off their radar and it would not be loving for the Elders to handle his situation.

    Does anyone have any ideas how to hanlde this problem.

  • Mysterious

    There has definitely been a crack down recently to clean up the rolls as it were. I agree with you, your friend should not have let them into his house. They will say he didn't have to say anything since he is not a practicing JW.. I'm not sure what else to tell you.

  • M.J.

    Reminds me of the rule about not inviting a vampire into your house.

  • Scully

    What utter [email protected][email protected]$!!!

    They've been doing this for at least a few years that I'm aware of. They did it to Mr Scully. We didn't find out until almost a year later that they had announced that he had Disassociated™, and that was because someone slipped up and mentioned it to me.

    Now I have a sign up on the front door that says NO PEDDLING, NO SOLICITING, NO PREACHING - it works like a charm. It doesn't exclude social calls, but frankly, I think all of us have had our fill of Preaching™.

  • greendawn

    Last summer there was a lot of talk on this forum about the WTS declaring all long time inactive JWs as disassociated but that doesn't seem to have happened.

  • stillajwexelder

    how low can one stoop

  • skyman

    I see my post is lacking in grammer. I was speaking to him as I was typing the above.

    Last night was their Service meeting, they did not make the announce. He talked to an Elder this morning and was told by that Elder the congregation was going to call the Society and get the Society's opion on how to proceed first before they make the announcement.

    I guess the threat of being sued might of made them stop and think.

  • VM44

    Tell them that all communication with you will have to be specific and in writing!

    Putting things down in writing is something they will NOT do, as it leaves a paper trail, and might come back to bite them in the future!


  • AlmostAtheist
    My friend has been out for over ten years now. He did not think it was possible for them to do this to him.

    Anything's possible, the elders are pretty autonomous. The fact that they are looking to "Mother" for direction is good, since she's not prone to getting her ass sued, just to let some local dictators kick somebody out. I'd bet they'll be referred to something along the lines of "if he's not associating with the congregation, leave him alone." But the first time he pops in for a Memorial or Sunday meeting, all bets are off.

    Presumably, he won't be popping in? :-)


  • skyman

    Very good idea. I told him to tape everything. I was told too never let myself be taped by a brother or sister while I was in the Borg. So every time an ELder has asked to talk to me, I say yes, with only one Elder present and the conversation will be taped. I have been asked dozens of times and not one Elder has agreed to my conditions. They are to scared the tape could be used against them in a court of law.

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