A new climax in immorality. Or "normal" practise?

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  • Erich


    If I - in future - would ever file a posting to this board again, EVERY posting will begin with the following sentence:

    "This is Erich (60), silly German ("kraut"), on basis of the remote-diagnosis by the the worldwide well-known Dr. rebel8 ( high intelligence; 7 years college; academic scholarships as well as numerous academic awards - see: http://www.jehovahs-witness.com/6/103714/2.ashx ) suffering from mental illness, severe depressions, alzheimer`s, schizophrenia, bipolar syndroms, indoxications and many other brain diseases, and therefore not able to spell correctly, making atrocious grammatical failures, and not able to establish a completely sensical thread..

    I hope this will help;-))))

  • rebel8

    "Sensical" is not a word. http://dictionary.reference.com/search?q=sensical

    Why are you being so hostile? You are the one who started the insults, not me. You are the one who questioned my intelligence and education, not me. I did not say you suffer from mental illness or intoxication either. Don't twist my words around.

    And where did Alzheimer's Disease come into this discussion? And where did the ethnic slur "kraut" enter the discussion? Oh yeah, it was you misquoting me.

    I was being very polite to you and trying to understand your point. I was not one bit accusatory or impolite until you insulted me. You started insulting me out of the blue. You have issues. Also interesting is how you've focused on me. Others on this thread have had obvious difficulty understanding and/or agreeing with you.

    Calling people stupid because they don't understand what you're saying is infantile.

    Anyone with average or above-average intelligence would have difficulty understanding what you wrote. Why are you so threatened by simple questions? Everyone has trouble getting their point across once in a while. You react as though someone not understanding you is some sort of personal insult to you.

    Go take a chill pill and soothe your narcissistic injury.

  • minimus

    There was a reason why no one intially responded.......

  • cheezy

    ERICH - You go, brother!

    Which means - "Don't go - you have been heard and at least partially understood."

    reb8 - can we cut this well-meaning person some slack? Take a chill pill.

    Personally, I've always enjoyed the German idiom/sentence structure. At least this man knows 2 languages!

    Auld Soul - thanks for the oil on troubled waters.


  • rebel8

    "We"? Cut the guy as much slack as you want. Please review my posts on this thread. I am not the one with the problem; perhaps your advice should be directed at the aggressor. I am always polite and patient until someone insults me. Then I have no reason to not defend myself.

    I never said there was anything wrong with German idiom. However, when someone posts in an English forum and doesn't express his point clearly, he should not become verbally abusive when someone asks polite questions to clarify. It is the verbal abuse I do not appreciate and will not tolerate under any circumstances.

  • minimus

    What the *uck is this stupid thread about?? It's gotta be a joke.

  • NeonMadman
    It is not sarcasm, if only few miles far from Brokklyn Heights, graves got opened plundered, dishonored and robbed in order to sell the organs of the dead persons?

    You may not be familiar with the geography, but there are about 10 million or so people living within only a few miles of Brooklyn Heights - it is in New York City, one of the largest cities in the world. All sorts of evil things go on there (along with lots of good things), and the WTS is not responsible for or involved with the vast majority of either. They have certainly done their share of evil, and I'm not slow to blame them for it, but they are hardly the massive influence in that major metropolitan area that you make them out to be.

  • rebel8

    It must have been a Mason conspiracy to steal the organs from corpses in Brooklyn and cause the climax.

  • cheezy
    It is the verbal abuse I do not appreciate and will not tolerate under any circumstances.

    OK. Got it.

  • ballistic

    Without clicking on the link, the mind boggles what you guys are talking about. Invasion of the body snatchers in Brooklyn? ROFLMAO

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