A new climax in immorality. Or "normal" practise?

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  • wednesday
    Either they alter their blood-dogma, or they alter

    their transplantation policy.

    Both together in the recent form is inconsistent.

    ok i understand you. Erich, we all could not agree more with you. Most of us here hate and despise this miserable organization. I guess it was the 82 yr old grandmother whose parts where unearthed that confused us. By the way, please explain to me , what was the point you were trying to make by using that story? Seriously, the WTS are maggots, but i don't think they are into grave robbing.(well not yet anyhow)(that is a joke,)


  • wombat

    Wow Erich...My, how your English and lucidity has improved after just a few posts. Amazing.

    Do you have a mate in Germany called Dfed?? He is lonely too.

  • Erich


    My, how your English and lucidity has improved after just a few posts. Amazing

    As I said before: I am really sorry about my style ! Excuse me, please!

    I laid in bed two days with fever and terrible lumbal pains (ischialgy). ITS TRUE ! That was the reason for this bad thread.

    Once more: Apologize, to all members.


  • wombat

    Erich...You make me laugh...I just read thru your history of posts.......Yeah, that lumbago must really muck up your mind.

    If you are gonna talk half-baked English, keep it up all the time. Some stupid mis-spellings don't count.

    You say that you joined this site to improve your English. One post was nothing but a pasted quote and no response from you to the replies. Did that improve your English?

    Man, you do love getting attention. Don't waste our time. Dfed used to do that.

  • Erich

    womb wrote

    Yeah, that lumbago must really muck up your mind.

    I am fed up with the whole shit. I will never write one single word to this board again.

    I swear.


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