What is God's true organization he is using? if this not it, then point me

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  • bigmouth

    Welcome amommy
    Just after reading some of the replies you got I wonder if you may find it better to introduce yourself under the 'Friends' heading.

    I found out about the UN fiasco about two months ago.It had a similar effect on me as would finding out my wife had been having a 10 year affair with my sworn enemy and then dismissing it as of no consequence when a stranger caught her out.I had to 'divorce' her.

    The shock of being one of Jehovahs Witnesses and being affiliated with The Scarlet Coloured Wild Beast meant I had to get out immediately.But take some time to read some of the threads here from people VERY MUCH LIKE YOU!

    All the very best.Pete

  • freydi

    amommy, welcome to freedom.

    It can be very scarey. I left six months months ago. You can't serve two masters. Just remember: "For he has said: "I will by no means leave you nor by any means forsake you." 6 So that we may be of good courage." .(Heb 13:5-6) .

    Here are a couple very good sites.

    http://www.biblestudents.net/forum/active_topics.asp, http://pathways-online.com/articles.html


  • peacefulpete

    I think we scared her off. I wonder if bringing up CofC right away was the best idea. btw amommy I have never read Franz's books and so called "apostate" literature had nothing to do with my and my wife's leaving.

  • serendipity

    Hi amommy, welcome to the forum!

  • amommy

    Hey everyone I am still here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am just going through alot. At first my husband was almost mad with me for reading anything on the computer, but I was relentless. I mean I'm just apalled by the Freemason position on Russell (33rd Knights Templar) The research I have done on upper ranked freemasons. Their beliefs are not of Christ Jesus. The terms Golden age, Watchtower, Millenium Dawn(early Russellites name) These are the 3 main terms used in Enochian Magic. It is all just a bit overwhelming at the moment.Ra is their God. An Egyptian sun god.

    Outside of the fact 607 BCE has to be made up, and we have clearly bounced hither and tither on the Political stance we have with The UN (scarlett colored wild beast). WT 85'para. 12-14 labeled the Disgusting Thing of Daniel's prophecy. WTB&TS part of the UN for 10 years secretly, what was that???? Also page 88 ,1973 True Peace and Security from what source book (para.28)talks about the generation of 1914 not passing away until this system is over. Well wake up they are over 100. Ok so, we have new light on that one. But isn't this false prophesying?Over and over the prophesies of the end and a specific time are piling up. I am currently trying to reason with alot of my family as to why we are not in God's orginization. I don't ant it to be true either. But hey, We simply could not be the religion Christ set up a covenant with in 1914 or whenever because we at that time were into pyramid predictions, using Enochian magic termanology. The pharisees were condemned for their witchcraft! Yes I am upset my belief system is in Shambles! So is my family life. But I cannot stand for this & to sweep my findings under the rug would be wrong of me. I want to be on the side of Christ!

    By the way! I really appreciate everyone spending so much time in replying to me. Great answers. I will go back and let you know whose comments really stuck out!

  • peacefulpete

    amommy, glad you're still here. OK here's the tough part of unlearning what the WT fed us, a great many people are doing the same thing and unfortunately that means some incendiary stuff about the WT and Russel are simply incorrect but keep circulating because of the desire to dig up dirt. Russel was not a Mason. It has been hashed out here so many times in such painful detail. For your information only the real facts are that he was simply a fanatic with delusions of divine appointment that was facinated by pyramids and all things Egyptian. He was not alone in that last regard. Egypt was all the rage at the time and other millenialists found ways to intigrate imagined bible mysteries with Egyptian symbols and pyramids. There is no real eveidence that he ever was Masonic brother. Trust me it is not worth pursuing. Other matters such as hypocrisy, deceptions and unethical treatment of members are reasons to leave the controling environment of the JWs. It is a shame that some leave the church determined to sensationalize what is bad enough.

  • blindersoff
    I wonder if bringing up CofC right away was the best idea.

    My biased opinion is ---yes, it was a good idea. Since she has been a witness all her life. I don't think it has the same impact on those who haven't 'been there done that'. But she has.

    If she would only read it, I think Ray's manner of presentation and convincing evidence is way beyond anything we can post here. I don't mean to imply the posts & experiences here are not valuable, as I have benefited greatly from this board.

    I just think that CoC is without equal for current JW's who will read it.


  • peacefulpete

    I also was raise a JW and took it for all it was worth for 32 years, however when I fist gave room for the doubts the last thing I would have responded to was someone suggesting I read a book by JW public enemy #1. The JWs are sensitized to certain triggers, the suggestion to read literature and books by infamous "apostates" is probably not a good opener. But again everyone is different.

  • AlmostAtheist
    Other matters such as hypocrisy, deceptions and unethical treatment of members are reasons to leave the controling environment of the JWs. It is a shame that some leave the church determined to sensationalize what is bad enough

    Agreed! There is way too much verifiable, undeniable dirt out there on the Watchtower and its unbiblical doctrines to muck about with all that Masonic jazz, the supposed "hidden images" in Watchtower pictures, etc, etc.

    The danger of basing your leaving the Org on stuff like this is that when you uncover proof that Russell wasn't a mason -- for instance -- you're back to wondering if you did the right thing.

    Sounds like you have lots of reasons to leave, AMommy, so you're covered! And you're right, it's a tough time. But you'll get through it, and you'll be much happier. There's no life like a guilt-free life!


  • wednesday

    amommy, I struggled with this myself, and continue. As I was readng COCI kept loking for clues to what he thought was the right way to go. I could gather that we should serve God, not an org. So really, that is it. Serve God, not an manmade org.
    That sounds so simple , but I know it is very hard to break away from the jw teaching that they are God's org, and if not who is?

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