What is God's true organization he is using? if this not it, then point me

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  • moshe

    I went through the same turmoil back in 1987. I read ray Franz's book and visited him several times at his home near Atlanta. In 1988 I annulled my membership due to fraud on the part of the WTB&TS..My conclusion about the one true religion is this- It doesn't exist. I know that goes against all you have been taught. Many ex-JW's have become orthodox Christians, some are members of other religious faiths, some are agnostics and the last group are athiests- until G-d shows them otherwise.

    If you are unhappy in the KH, then follow your inner spirit and ask why you feel depressed. Your subconscious is telling you to get out and if you persist in staying in the KH your mental and physical health will pay for it. There is nothing wrong with you! This forum has many wonderful people who can answer your questions or point you to reference material that will.



    converted to Judaism in 2001

  • luna2

    Welcome, amommy.

    It is indeed shocking to discover that the organization that we believed in wholeheartedly isn't what it claims to be. This must be especially difficult for those born in or with several generations of JWs behind them. You can only use the "imperfect men" card so many times before it becomes obvious that JWs imperfections are equal to the imperfections of most other religions, and if the Watchtower Society tells as many falsehoods, has just as many inaccuracies and need for adjustment (brighter light), as well as numerous unfulfilled prophecies as "Christandom", then they are just as bad as the religions they rant and rave against.

    Perhaps there is no one perfect religion. Perhaps God doesn't have one, and only one, real, true, certified and authenticated organization that he uses to disseminate his "truth". Seems to me that the Almighty Creator of everything wouldn't have that hard a time getting the necessary information to His creation if it was important to Him that they have it. Perhaps God is not as concerned about the Earth and the creatures upon in quite the way we think He is.

    As I have read and done research about the Bible, I've found that there are some very disturbing and puzzling problems there too. A lot of it makes no sense at all once you dig under the surface.

    I have found these thoughts uncomfortable myself, but I can't escape them.

    Some eventually find comfort in joining other Christian faiths, ones that don't require cultish behavior, risk of life, or constant guilt to be a member. Some become interested in non-Christian faiths. Others abandon religion altogether. Only time will tell what will work best for you.

  • Double Edge
    Double Edge
    He said Jehovah uses imperfect men to bring about his purposes of witnessing his name in all the earth and that if this is not the right religion then show me who is? he says according to scripture Jehovah will use an earthly organization to bring about his will. Can anyone identify his thinking and give me some ideas on how to examine this further?

    What your husband said is not something 'new'.... many churches claim the same thing with just as much conviction. I've never been a JW, but I've been to and have examined many, many religions. Since you've been a JW all of your life, can you honestly say you know any REAL details about others beliefs? Knowledge is power.

    First Timothy says: 7 For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind. Do you believe that scripture? If so, than you must know that any 'fear' does NOT come from God - but power and love and a sound mind do. They're gained not by being passive but by actively persuing life's questions and having faith in a loving God to direct your path. Do not live in fear, but live in the 'light' that God gives to everyone to figure out life's journey. my 2 cents


  • JamesThomas

    ...point me.

    Welcome, Amommy.

    Perhaps your problem is that you are unquestionably placing ultimate significance, where there is none.

    Look keenly at the infinite nature of life and existence, and sincerely question whether it is wise to accredit such endless wonder to a tribal war-god so small and limited as to need an organization; a god so minute as to be just another object or fragment within the universe.

    Shift your precious attention away from old and petrified words and thoughts, and into the vibrantly alive depths of this present moment of actuality and being. Be still of all thoughts and beliefs, and see if your Source really is so tiny as to be absent.

    There. You were pointed.


  • Finally-Free
    He said Jehovah uses imperfect men to bring about his purposes of witnessing his name in all the earth

    Yes, when something's wrong they always plead "imperfect men" and "Jehovah will clean it up in his own time." Yet, if this reasoning were sound it should apply equally to all religions, not only the watchtower. Why couldn't Jehovah clean up the Catholic church in his own time? Or Lutheran? Because the watchtower says so?

    The scriptures do not point to a true "organization". Many JWs misquote the scripture at John 6:68.

    68 Simon Peter answered him: “Lord, whom shall we go away to? You have sayings of everlasting life;

    Peter asks whom shall they go to, not where.

    Welcome to the board!


  • Spectrum


    why did you convert to Judiasm surely that's just going from bad to worse?

  • Nosferatu

    Hello amommy,

    There is another way to look at this. Jehovah may NOT use an organized religion to carry out his will, but he may use all the good people of the earth. These are the people who help others in times of need, and are not seeking to benefit from doing such.

  • jstalin

    There's an old saying: "If you want to anger someone, tell a lie. If you really want to get someone hopping mad, tell the truth."

    You just encountered the truth. Don't expect to be able to convert anyone else in the organization - they'll turn a blind eye to the facts. You're on your way to personal freedom. Congratulations!

  • zen nudist
    zen nudist

    when I left in 1990, I asked virtually the same question, if not JWs, then who?

    I went to the library and the book I found, WHO WROTE THE BIBLE set me straight... after reading it carefully, I realized

    the whole bible was just jewish mythology and no more useful in learning about reality and Greek myths or any other myths.

    so I determined to learn about reality as best I could and not take anyones Belief System or BS seriously unless I could

    find some means of verification.... To this day I find being an honest agnostic far superior to being any other sort of believer

    but to each his own.

  • FlyingHighNow

    Welcome to JWD

    Does there really have to be one religion that has all the answers? I have to come to the conclusion that we are probably not meant to know all the answers and that it's presumptuous of us to think we can know them all.

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