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  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    On a related note;

    In our community there is a book publishing company. A large share of the books they publish are for the Methodist Church.

    • They pay taxes.
    • They use and pay for community services
    • They provide jobs to the community
    • They do not house thousands of people on site
    • They do not put up boisterous signs that promote their literature from their buildings
    • They do not claim some sort of divine purpose
    • They contribute to local and national charities
    • They do not turn out retireees with no pensions or place to go just due to differing opinion about the literature produced
    • They do make their own ink, furniture, paint, or whatever they can so that local businesses cannot benifit from their presence

    In short they are good citizens. They are a part of the community and they pay their fair share to be such.


  • Sunspot

    ***And how is this the mark of a good citizen?

    SURE---at least that's their STORY!! (and they're sticking TO IT!!!)

    ***They take up space on the brooklyn skyline [ a lot of it] and on the footprint of the city, yet find every conceivable way to wiggle free from paying it's dues. In addition they hook up with Swaggert in California Supreme Court to make sure they do not pay any taxes on the lit they sell door to door to boot.

    The WTS is known for sucking everything they CAN from ANYWHERE they can, inluding its own gullible and trusting (loyal and obedient) followers. They are slimy and disgusting....and enjoy putting themselves up on their self-imposed seat of glory.

    It doesn't surprise me learning about their personal ambulance service (and everything ELSE they get for free), just having a self-sufficient CITY at Paterson is enough to make your eyes roll. The ELITE get ALL their creature comforts taken care of while living like leeches off the donations of their "sheep"....much like their exemplar, Jesus did. HE stayed in the very best hotels and pushed HIS followers out to go door-to-door while he sat around and looked important....right?

    The WTS takes and takes and takes some more.....the ONLY thing they are good at giving....false medical advice, false hope and false prophecies...OH---and a BIG CARROT!

  • loosie

    Ok Defd, you made the statement. They have their won garbage trucks and ambulances. You should provide the proof to back up your statement.

    I've been in the truth as long or longer than you have juding by your new picture. I have never heard of them having their own ambulances and such. Besides those two things there are many things that a company that large would consume from a city that should have taxes paid to it.

    What about the scripture where Jesus says "pay Ceasars things to Ceasar and God things to God"? Or does that apply only to the great crowd and not the 144,000?

  • Beep,Beep

    ""pay Ceasars things to Ceasar and God things to God"?""

    But Ceasar ALLOWS for tax exempt status and GRANTS that status.

  • loosie

    Yes Ceasar does grant that status. But when Ceasar tried to take that status away by saying if you are selling books you will be taxed. The society decided to jump on the bandwagon with Christendom (swagart) and file a friend of the court paper, and then started asking for non taxable donations in stead of setting a price.

  • oldflame


    I like that idea then they can have their own doctors who will not give blood to anyone. Can you imagine the death toll coming out of a hospital like that ? Maybe thats just exactly why they don't have a hospital of their own, because they know that through their blood policies they would end up with major malpractice law suits.

  • mrsjones5

    Reminds me of a spoof:

    Facing Blood Shortage, Hospitals Turn To Jehovah's Witnesses
    Recruiting efforts expected to decrease need for transfusions

    BROOKLYN, NY--Human rights activists and religious groups are in an uproar over the latest tactic being used by some hospitals in an attempt to weather the nation's latest shortage of blood.

    Recruting Efforts Underway

    Jehovah's Witnesses, long known for their unique stance on blood transfusions - they do not accept them for religious reasons - are sitting side-by-side with blood drive volunteers at hospitals throughout the New York Tri-state region, placed there by officials in a strategy some are calling "brilliant."

    Wanda Whitaker, a health care administrator, praised the recruiting efforts as "a stroke of genius, nothing less. Every person who comes by, whether they donate blood, or become a Jehovah's Witness, it's that much less we have to worry about there not being enough blood to go around."

    Others disagree. "It's morally offensive," says Stephen Hensley, a Long Island resident. "They want people to convert, join a cult, for the sole reason of saving blood? That's crazy."

    Brooklyn Medical Center officials, however, have sanctioned the project. "We expect there to be 10-20 new Jehovah's Witnesses recruited per week," says Wendy Gamboa, a spokesperson for the hospital. "None of these people, and potentially their children too, are going to be needing blood anytime soon."

    "Look," she continues, "we're not saying, become a Jehovah's Witness so you don't have to use up our blood. We're saying, here's some options for you, think about it, if you think it's right for you, then great, and if not, wouldn't you like to donate blood today?"

    Nevertheless, many healthcare authorities are disturbed by the situation. "They're just playing with people's minds," said one, on condition of anonymity. "This is not a real religion."

    Hospitals are hoping increased recruiting by Christian Science evangelists will further help reduce usage of healthcare resources all-around.http://www.qfever.com/issues/20021101/jehovahs.htm

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    Josie - that is hillarious!!!! LOL

    I could not see the picture - but the text is soooooo funny.


  • mkr32208

    Defd... A post and run hero in his own mind...

    If you have to ride on an ambulance the cost is astronomical 3000-5000 bucks OR MORE so if the society runs it's own little pos ambulance for NON-emergency they can accomplish two things;

    1) All the uninsured bethelites can be run to the hospital for basically the price of gas and insurance, vs bethel having to pay out of pocket for a "real" ambulance (of course once they GET to the hospital they have no way to pay, vow of poverty and all and the state picks up the tab, usually several thousand dollars at least!) One also wonders who STAFFS the ambulance as the society's view of higher education rules out EMT's Paramedics, RN's, Md's etc? Probably witnesses who actually work as paramedics and RN's are guilted into doing it on their off days, I wonder if they're allowed to count the time?


    2) Fools like defd hear about it and start parading around that the society is just so f*cking wonderful cause they own their own ambulance...

    I was deluded but I don't think I was EVER that deluded!

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff
    Defd... A post and run hero in his own mind...

    You know - I have really tried to like the guy. I really have. But he has done this on every thread of substance. Of course there are no answers that will satisfy his delusions - we know that. But he excuses himself rather than even try to answer legitimate questions. He has done less of it lately though - could it be that his cognitive dissonance is kicking in full time now? One can only hope.

    Jeff [of the 'I could never ride the fence class' ]

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