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    There is one difference about churches and their charities. Other churches donate to all people of all faiths, but the watchtower only donates to themselves. To me that is selfish, greedy, and most conceided.

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    If it was city water then they it wasnt taxed.

    LOL - I'm still looking for it - I wish someone would bail me out here!

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    Whew, found it........


    Linda works on Wall Street and had to evacuate with throngs of other New Yorkers. "One of the tenants was trampled, but thank God she was all right. Others saw the second plane hitting the tower. Everyone was scared. . . . Hatred can do so much harm. So many innocent lives were lost for no reason. We pray we can assist others who were going through such a hard time."

    Arriving in the lobby of the Watchtower buildings across the Brooklyn Bridge, Timothy, Michael and Linda breathed a sigh of relief. They were able to join many others who sought shelter in these buildings. The billowing smoke across the river is a reminder of what they just survived.

    A volunteer brings Timothy a cup of water and offers him a chair. "You don't know how happy I feel to have made it to Brooklyn, coming down from 83 floors in the air." When he realized he really was out of danger, he added, "I feel safe."

    Food and refreshments are provided to the people who streamed in the building. "They are looking for a haven," Jack, one of the helping hands, remarks. "There was some panic. A lot of people who work here volunteered to help provide whatever was needed."

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    • police services
    • road repairs and maintenance
    • fire services
    • public transit (I doubt the all have cars) and tickets would barely cover the cost
    • water
    • street lights
    • snow removal
    • street cleaning

    I'll add a few more exemptions:

    • Capital gains taxes on their property and investments (BIG).
    • Income taxes on monthly cash and non-cash proceeds to workers
    • Fuel taxes
    • Donations (Tax free income for Brooklyn and a deductable for JW's)
    • City/state taxes

    * Bethel (Brooklyn/Patterson?Wallkill) does still use Ambulatory services for emergencies, along with police, and fire.

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    Lady Lee


    Don't believe everything you read printed by the WTS

    I have quotes from people who found out the real truth

    AlanFRe: WTC Charity: A Blown Opportunity by WTS

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    FYI, nytelecom1, I have verified the lack of action by the Watchtower Society. According to certain of my JW relatives who have close contacts with Bethel, and according to others who have such close contacts, the most that was done was that the Society fed and gave shelter to at most a couple of hundred JWs who worked in downtown Manhattan and went to the Brooklyn Bethel facility for shelter. I repeat that it was at most a couple of hundred JWs -- no one else -- who received help, and received it after getting there under their own power. One contact who actually works there thought it was only a few dozen JWs who came in.


    PatriotRe: WTC Charity: A Blown Opportunity by WTS

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    NYtelecon is right we have to find out first if the WT is helping. So with that in mind let me be the first to tel you guys that having worked now three days at ground Zero, I have yat to see or hear of any donations or relief help coming from the WTS.

    If they did they would have been registered by now just like every other org. that has donated millions.

    It's sad as I was looking at the list of all donations made by so many companies I came across a donation of $1000 made by a group of kids in Mississpi.

    Now how pathetic is that? That the WTS can't even donate that amount to the victims families? And We have to wait on kids to take the lead?

    There's your answer NYtelecom. If you are indeed in NY then you of all should know. If not get another call name...you don't deserve to carry the name.


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    For those that missed it, here is an account of bethel locking its doors at noon to keep out strangers. This is on another thread, It can be found, The 3 'worldlings' that they gave coffee and sandwiches to must have staggered in befor noon, when jehovah locked the ark doors.

    I give the wt a couple of weeks to manufacture an account of how they were at the forefront of an unprecedented outpouring of humanitarian aide.


    outcast Taken from Great Crowd.

    Rebekah called us at 6 AM and it was very clear that she was traumatized by this event. It was 9 AM there ..only 15 minutes after the first plane hit the first of the twin towers. She was telling me how they all heard the first plane hit the first tower. She and three other sisters who were working on the 28th floor of the 90 Sands building ran to look out and could see that the tower was on fire.

    One of the sisters turned on the TV in the room in which they were standing. And they alternately looked at the news and out at the burning building. Then....as they were looking out the window they saw the second plane fly close to the second tower and were stunned when that second hit came! Keep in mind....what they saw was not far away, and, their view was opposite of what we are all seeing on TV. They could see the plane approach from the left (our view on the TV has the plane flying in on the right), and then they could see how the pilot aimed dead center and hit the building...whereas we see on the news, the plane disappears behind the first tower and you see the resulting fireball out to the left. Bethel had any workers who had jobs on the 12th floor or higher, come down and work below the 11th floor. ALL the factory workers have been evacuated. At lunch, the governing body made a special announcement that all the Bethel shuttles were not going to be running. All Bethelites were to 'stay' in the building they were in until it was time to go home. Until then...no walking between the buildings and all buildings are locked down--for security. (They had one man on the street run in for 'safety'...and they don't want any 'strangers' coming in!). You know how Bethel keeps everything so clean? Well, there are crews of brothers doing clean up detail outside. Paperwork from the offices in the WTC are floating down like confetti...many spattered with blood. If nothing else, maybe people who have not yet listened to 'the message' will be able to see how 'normal' life can change in a heartbeat! Love and hugs,

    Donna and Mike

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    Hello Lady Lee - yes, I have read elsewhere that the WT locked its doors. What I find strange is that the above quote is from the JW media, public relations site. It looks as though they are advertising the fact that the EXTENT of their help was to provide a handful of people with water (hope you get my drift)! (as if they are doing something extra special - lol)

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    WTBTS has there [sic] OWN garbage trucks and Ambulance services.

    Really. So my parents can call this JW Ambulance service any time my loyal JW mother has another heart attack?

    (And, yet again, not ONE "friend" comes by to visit? And before you think she must be "spiritually weak", defd... She was very, very active until she got sick, and so was my father who has to take care of her now.)

    Should my dad call the JW garbage service to schedule weekly pickup?

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    So Defd, you are not only saying that they avoid paying their share of the bill for all the services they recieve from the city and state thru taxes, but also they bring in thier own garbage and ambulance services too. Further cutting the fees they would have to pay to the municiple authorities for these too?

    And how is this the mark of a good citizen?

    They take up space on the brooklyn skyline [ a lot of it] and on the footprint of the city, yet find every conceivable way to wiggle free from paying it's dues. In addition they hook up with Swaggert in California Supreme Court to make sure they do not pay any taxes on the lit they sell door to door to boot.

    Thousands of my dollars flowed into those coffers for decades - and for what? They could at least patronize the city they use as a base with a few of those dollars aiding the community to function - all the other book publishers do so.


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    To carry it further...why doesnt the society have it's own hospitals like the catholics, methodists, and others (St Vincent's and Methodist Hospitals here in Indiana).

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    Lady Lee


    I want to apologize for my last post. I just saw your previous post on the first page of this thread and realized what you actually said

    Think I'm going to go back to bed

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