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  • defd

    About me to tell me I need to do my research on the WTBTS. Lady Lee said: Do your homework! Learn something about the organization you are so busy trying to defend. An attack was made of them saying because they are tax free they are a drain on societys resources and a burden to those who pay taxes for them. I aked for examples and these were given. Garbage pick up, Ambulance service.

    Well, as I said, those who say I need to do my homework apparently have not done it themselves. WTBTS has there OWN garbage trucks and Ambulance services. So I ask, GIVE ME AN EXAMPLE concerning this malicious charge some have made. At least when I am in the wrong I apologize. Lady Lee and Scully should know that.


  • 68storm

    Oh! please spare us the fairytales about the honorable society!

    If I was so inclined, I could spend countless hours arguing with you about the fraudulent tactics they use but I would be wasting my valuable time (I would rather have root canal work done than to argue with a jw apoligist).

    I will give you example: wts earns mega amounts of the good old US $ defrauding you and all the rest of your brothers and sisters (Including poor kind hearted householders) with their useless mags. Since the donation arrangement, they earn twice the amount that they used to when you paid for them.

    Check it out! Surely you cannot be so naive. Use a tiny segment of what God gave you! (Brain cells) and see that all legitimate religious organizations have book stores sell their publications and guess what? They charge and remit TAXES! Does the watchtower?


  • gringojj

    Defd no one is going to asnwer your questions because WE ALL KNOW WHAT YOUR MOTIVES ARE. That question has been answered many times on this board. You arent really looking for answers.

  • ozziepost


    Keep this up and there won't be too many who want to fellowship with you - or is that what you really want?

  • oldflame

    I know I am tired, and I will no longer respond to hid threads. Yesterday I had a discussion about voting with defd. I qouted scripture to him about how God set up the governments. He returned scripture but left out part of the scripture that was to say that those in the governments are ministers of God. Not of his word, but the postion in office.

  • diamondblue1974
    WTBTS has there OWN garbage trucks and Ambulance services

    Thats the first I have heard about them having their own garbage trucks and ambulance services; why would they need such things?

    Can anyone else corroborate this?


  • oldflame


    I wouldn't put to much into that. I think it is just a bunch of crockery.

  • rebel8

    Crooklyn has its own garbage trucks. The proof was posted in a JWD thread a few months ago. You may be able to find it with google. I've heard Crooklyn has its own ambulance too but haven't seen proof.

    So to answer defd's question, it is my understanding they do not pay sales tax, property tax, or income tax as a tax-exempt org. My state, NEW YORK, is very poor. I live in upstate and let me tell you it is a struggle here and has been for the 20 yrs I've been in the workforce. There has been a public outcry here to delete the tax-exempt status of religious institutions and colleges.

    The Crooklyn facility is large and would generate a pretty penny in property tax alone. The raw materials they buy for publications as well as all the stuff they buy to support the staff (the garbage trucks, food, etc.) would normally generate a LOT of sales tax revenue. Yet they pay nothing (so I'm told).

    Those of us stupid enough to try to start small businesses in NY quickly learn the cards are stacked against us. WE have to collect the sales tax to make up for what the non-profits do not collect. Thus customers have to pay an additional 8.25% fee on top of what we charge for our goods and services. Our property taxes are some of the highest in the country. My property tax costs the same as my mortgage!

    The WTS is taking advantage (legally) of what "Caesar" has to offer. Another example--how do Bethelites pay their medical bills if they have a serious illness? Medicaid?

  • Honesty
    Defd, Keep this up and there won't be too many who want to fellowship with you - or is that what you really want?

    I say let's keep him, Ozzie. After all, Defd is the friendliest of the apologists we've managed to lure into this spiderweb full of apostates and Christians.

  • oldflame

    Yeah it's funny how the wtbs believes that the government is so evil but yet they will take as much as they can get out of them. To me that is two faced.............

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