Journal of Church and State: WT NO-BLOOD EXPOSE'

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  • JustTickledPink

    THIS IS BIG NEWS and let me tell you because I WAS A BLOOD ISSUE BABY.

    In 1974 my mother had been baptized only 2 1/2 months when I was born and the hospital wanted to give me blood. The elders talked to my newly baptized mother and even though there was a court order coming from a judge, she literally stole me out of the hospital and a Jehovah's Witness doctor cared for me while other Witnesses hid me in the attic of their home. We lived in that attic for 3 months until the court order ran out.

    I survived and according to my mother her JW Doctor told her that "9 our of 10 babies die after a blood transfusion".... about 2 years ago I researched the America Pediatrics Associations information and found out the mortality rate during the 1970's for babies with the condition I had who were given blood was 1%. That is 1 out of 100 babies.... NOT THE FACT GIVEN TO MY MOTHER WHICH SHE STILL BELIEVES TO THIS DAY.

    My father had NO say in this matter because she left the hospital and never informed him (not a JW) and didn't call him for 3 months afterward.

    My mother was gulliable, was lied to, and followed what they told her..... and they MISREPRESENTED the facts. They told her statistics that weren't valid, told her that I would die, etc.


  • donkey

    This is big news for the following reasons:

    1. It is actionable by the law.
    2. It hits them with ongoing lawsuits by both JW’s and Non-JW’s whose relatives have died or suffered as a result of the refusal to have transfusions.
    3. The class actions filed against them will undoubtedly lead to changing of the blood doctrine. This will then bring into question those who were disfellowshipped. Will they be reinstated? If not will they in turn have legal grounds to sue the society for wrongful disfellowshipping?
    4. Once they lose one case the financial impacts on the WTBS will snowball and they face severe hits to the bank account. They might even move the society offshore – massively expensive but they could pull that off. Once they are on the run then watch them call the USA the king of the North?
    5. The fact that they are misquoting experts will spill over into other areas. If they disfellowship one for believing in evolution one could point to the tort of misrepresentation as a precedent and then show how the JW’s have misrepresented the authors they misquote. (note this is not about proving evolution – just about their misrepresentation of authors on the subject). The same can be applied to being disfellowshipped for not accepting 1914/607 and the way other authors have been misrepresented.
    6. Once this becomes well known it will begin to lead to the lack of credibility of the WTBS – once again threatening their position as “Gods Spokesman”. John 8:44 says Satan is the father of the lie. Yet the WTBS claims to represent God. How can that be true if they have provably lied and misrepresented documented experts. Once we have successful precedents in this regard once could begin to challenge the WTBS authority on any disfellowshipping in the courts. This will take time but it is theoretically possible.
    7. These precedents can be applied to other religions and cults.

    These are all distinct possibilities/consequences and effects. How it plays out – time will tell!! I can think of other situations and possibilities….but we will leave this for now.


  • diamondblue1974

    I have read the full article in question and found it to be of interesting reading; of course it is but one legal theory and no doubt the society will advance theirs should the matter be litigated.

    I will provide a full response when I have had chance to review and research it properly; I will also be putting together an article on the UK perspective and whether the WTS could be open to potential claims here in the UK.


  • JustTickledPink

    Where have you read the complete article ??? Can you point me in the right direction to finding one?

  • blondie

    This information was at the end of the original post:

    This remarkable article can be attained by going to the Baylor University website: and ordering a copy.
    A single issue of The Journal of Church and State costs $8.00 and $2.00 for shipping. It costs more to send the Journal outside of the U.S. Remember, when you are ordering, the article discussed above is in the Autumn 2005 issue which was released 12/13/05. If purchasing the single issue, you will receive your copy by mail at the end of the first week in January. The subscription issues were mailed out today.

    Probably by tomorrow the research Internet site will have the article available. This site has a 7-day free membership period and we have been told that an electronic copy can be attained by accessing this site.Baylor University is a law school and the Journal of Church and State articles can be accessed by computer in any law school throughout the U.S. Go to a law school library and ask to buy a copy of the article. In addition, because this Journal is published by a university press, the university allows copies to be made of the Journal of Church and State articles without copyright infringement as long as the copies are not sold. However, they do not allow any complete articles to be put on any website other than research sites they have contracts with.

    If you have trouble ordering your copy on the Baylor website, call the University at 254-710-1510 edited to correct link ~ Scully

  • ellderwho

    I just forwarded the story to one of the largest, if not the largest news outlet in the Philadelphia Pennsylvania, tri state area.

  • AuldSoul

    Let's put it this way: There are hundreds of thousands of lawyers out there and thousands of courtrooms. Eventually, one of these brave or starving souls will take up this torch and find out where the rabbit hole goes.

    If we all take a cynical view of this (which anyone is free to do) or if any of us promote a cynical view of this (which I would strongly encourage abstention from) NOTHING will ever change and your cynical world view will always and forever be proven correct. Ask yourself Eduardo, would you rather be wrong or right this time?

    Whatever you think of this, you have to admit it provides the best opportunity we have ever had to find a way through the Watchtower Society's veil of religious autonomy. It is a tool. If I need to put a nail in the wall but I decide not to try because I think the nearby stone is pooorly suited to the task, will the nail ever be driven?

    What harm is there in picking up the stone and TRYING to drive the nail home?


  • jst2laws

    Yes Kudra, possibly,

    Does this mean I can sue them for their misrepresentation of evolution/biology that caused me to be behind in my knowledge of science when I entered college?

    I wish!!!

    Man, 3 years wasted on a "certificate" at a trade school before I finally got a clue...

    First, this Blood issue will have to go to court to set precedents. Then other issues may be tested, but in each area one must show you have been harmed by 'misrepresentation'.

    1 Lost wages due to WT misrepresentation of dangers and ineffectiveness of higher education

    2 Sacrifice of assets, career, education due to misrepresentation of historical fact and misquoting scientist leading one to believe we are in the 'last days'

    3 Lost of enjoyment of marriage or children due to misrepresentation of secular history to make 607/1914 valid dates

    4 Eventually, loss of affection from family and friends duped by misrepresentation of secular facts and leading to our being shunned.

    It will be a long time before the courts are ready to look at these matters and theology must be avoided except where the theology is founded on deliberate misrepresentation of secular facts. And this is assuming the US Supreme court is not stacked with Christian Fundamentalist by that time. The best chance of this "NEWS" going that far is to make the most noise of it now. Go knock on the door of you local news paper now. Even the local TV station will do a piece on it if you can make it a PERSONAL LOSS story about yourself. STeve
  • notajwnemore

    This is big news.....My mom is on the kidney transplant list and I want her to read this.


  • Honesty

    The 'Christian' Congregations of Jehovah's Witnesses are going to implode when the average r&f JW sees undeniable proof that the Watchtower Society and those demons on the Governing Body deceive people with false information in their literature. Only a truly deluded and demonised individual will stay in this cult after the irrefutable facts are produced and publicised within JWdom.

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