Are you still an item of interest to the JW's?

by Honesty 28 Replies latest jw friends

  • Honesty

    Address marked on the back of a territory card as a DO NOT CALL ON?

    JW's staring at you from across the mall until you head over to say, Hi?

    Family members who are embarrassed by your presence?

  • Gretchen956

    I wasn't on their radar scope at all until very recently when they just happened to come to my door. I told them to mark this house as apostate, I don't want them bothering me. So I hope that I'm now a do not call.


  • Honesty
    So I hope that I'm now a do not call.


    Sherry, I also hope you have achieved the ultimate milestone of success in Dubland.

  • wombat

    Unfortunately yes. In the past 14 years at this address only once has a JW called. Obviously it was an accident.

    She was so cute. I took the mags and didn't argue. But she never came back. Guess she read the back of the card afterwards.

  • Gretchen956

    Honesty I truly don't know what you are talking about. What ultimate milestone?


  • Mulan

    Well.............I took my JW mother to lunch yesterday and an older couple came right over to our table to chat. I have known them for years. We were in a drama with them, and we parked our RV's next to each other at District conventions. They are assigned to call on JW's in hospitals and those who are infirm or housebound, throughout the circuit, so they know my mother quite well.

    I was very pleasantly surprised when they talked to me and actually treated me like they knew me and cared about me. But they are in a congregation different from the one we attended. Most JW's act like we are invisible.

    I don't care anymore, but it was nice to chat with those old friends yesterday, and not be treated badly.

  • JAVA

    I'm fairly sure my home address is marked "DO NOT CALL" or whatever they put on the card. I'm still an item of interest when they do their door-to-door thing in the neighborhood. I still go out and ask them if they're making return visits or just working the territory? (They always look confused because most don't know me.) I than say, "I'll take the next door and tell the householder that I'm shunned by Jehovah's Witnesses because I vote, and you can follow up with scriptures as to why you do this." No one has taken me up on the offer as I wave to them when they get back into the car a drive away.
    Yeah, I think I'm still "an item of interest" after all of these years. :))

  • mrsjones5

    They dont even know where I live.

  • BluesBrother

    I still accompany my wife to the Sunday meeting, most weeks. I am well known and exchange pleasantries with them and have polite conversations. Of course I never comment, I cannot sing the songs . Even more certain, they never receive a report from me. They know that I used to be active, some knew me as a fellow elder.

    Do they have any interest?? No, of course not. I might as well not be there. Forget this "Reaching out", it does not happen, at least around here.. I suppose I should be pleased

  • carla

    My year must be up for my 'cease & desist' letter. Some came to MY door! Why would they come to an address of a current jw? I am wondering if I should revise the letter to give them a choice- either put me on the do not call list (for eternity) or they can allow jw's to knock at my door and I will invite them in and they will not be allowed to leave until I give my 'talk' about the UN, Malawi/Mexico, pedophiles, etc..... What do you think? Would it even matter?

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