Are you still an item of interest to the JW's?

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  • Jamelle

    I don't think I'm an item of interest. I'm sure that when the gossiping kicks into full swing and newer congregation members get the update on all the "scandals" of the hall my name might come up from time to time.

    I live in the next town over from where I used to go to the hall - so I rarely even see anyone. I usually see them when I'm grocery shopping at the Meijer that kind of sits between the two areas. I'll forget that it's Saturday morning around 10AM and that there will be a group taking break.

    I don't think they know where I live. I've never had anyone come to me door. I've been waiting for it - I'm going to do something evil I just don't know what yet.

  • FairMind
    JW's staring at you from across the mall until you head over to say, Hi?

    Family members who are embarrassed by your presence?

    The above statements are true in my case and I'm a JW in good standing (at least in my current congregation).

  • dedpoet

    I am a do not call as far as the ministry is concerned, and most jws in Derby know who I am and ignore me when they see me, but they know that I was involved when my friend Linda left a short time ago, and they did take an interest in my activities then.

  • Quentin

    There are a few locals that know me personally. We've lived here almost twenty years and have never been contacted in door to door work. To tell the truth I don't have a clue where the locals do their witnessing. Any interest in me is non-existent.

  • Mysterious

    It comes and it goes. Sometimes I will walk down the street and JWs will do the hand to the face head turn thing so they don't have to look at me, or cross the street. Other times they will see me in a store and rush over to make small talk and ask me how I am. One lady at work was quite bad for this, she never had two words to say to me before but she was suddently all friendly now that I had quit attending wanting to know how my family was doing.

  • Honesty
    Honesty I truly don't know what you are talking about. What ultimate milestone?


    A DO NOT CALL ON The average JW's fear of encountering a DO NOT CALL ON is almost as strong as their fear of not doing enough to survive the Big A. Ever wonder why are they so afraid of apostates?

  • wednesday

    No. Occ people call while out door to door(great now I have that song playing in my head), but they don't know us. I still have contact with a few people (3 or 4) , but more or less most do not know us, and the ones who do know us, would not spit on us if we were on fire.


  • Gretchen956

    Oh, silly me, that isn't my ultimate milestone! LOL


  • freedom96

    I don't believe I am an item of interest in any hall. Faded away too long ago, with very few knowing how to get a hold of me, and those who do, long distance, have no idea of what I think about the organization.

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