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  • mkr32208

    Of course, what if the "big news" IS bullshit? What if it's meaningless? What if it only helps 1% of the people here? Why get worked up either it will HELP you in YOUR fight against the dubbers or it won't... Know one will know until it comes out. So why get excited? Or stressed? Or even give a poop?

    Just wait, and stop starting new threads about it for crying out LOUD!

  • seven006


    I don’t think anyone is bowing to her. That really wasn’t necessary to say was it? I can understand your frustration and this getting on your nerves. Once it comes out, you will understand this all a lot better and possibly feel bad for saying what you just said. Then again, I don’t know you so maybe you won’t.


  • Sunspot


    Barb has presented us with the knowledge that SOMETHING is about to break, and has given US the chance to be aware of it before the rest of the world hears it. Doesn't THIS tell you something?

    If you KNEW anything about where she worked, what she's done, what she has experienced at the hands of the WTS, and what she has been subjected to...then you just MAY have a better insight as to what she is "all about".

    Please don't let flash judgements color your observations, or your thinking.


  • Oroborus21

    Why don't we start the betting?

    I am laying 10 to 1 that it has something to do with Silentlambs.

    Oh and anyone care to make a private wager on my USC Trojans v Texas? Trojans are going to smear them!


    PS: the above is not serious. I don't gamble except for lottery tickets :-)

  • Country_Woman

    I do understand Peggy, I am irritated too.

    Barbara told us that BIG NEWS is coming.... and was giving hints..... I did lost all interest for her thread ( looks like that murder-week-end game: who did it?) and I will patiently wait until she can/will revail THE BIG NEWS.

    meanwhile she made sure that this "BIG NEWS" will not go unnoticed: the majority of us is waiting for it.....

  • Dansk


    I believe most of us have sympathy with how you feel (please read my last post on Barbara's BIG NEWS thread). I'm desperate that the news will be just the thing to hang Watchtower - and no doubt you do, too! It IS difficult waiting. Belive me, I'm not the most patient of people, but I do know Barbara has great integrity and so we'll just have to go along with things as they are.

    Please hang in there.


  • Maryjane

    You took the words out of my mouth Peggy!

    Why not just post the big news when it happens instead of keeping people in suspense. What's the point?

  • IT Support
    IT Support

    Some seem to be criticizing Barbara for giving advance notice of what is about to happen. But she had a very good reason for giving advance notice. It was to ensure we made an impact. Is it wrong to want to make an impact? You might have the most devastating news around about the WT, but if you don't tell anyone, you might as well be pissing in the wind. You'll achieve nothing.

    In order to make the maximum impact from the Big News, the media and other professions around the world need to be notified. But we're not professional PR people: sure, you can hire a firm who have contacts with all the 'right' people to make a big impact, but that's going to cost mega bucks we don't have. So we have to rely on doing things ourselves. Does that reduce the professionalism of the impact? Perhaps. But what we lose in professionalism, we more than make up for with the passion and enthusiasm of people who have a lot to gain from seeing WT getting its come-uppance. Plus, if thousands of people around the world all email contacts local to them, it adds a personal touch that no amount of slick professionalism can match. (Not that I've anything against slick professionalism, I just can't afford it!)

    If some people would read the threads more carefully, they would see that Barbara didn't mention it just to tease (though that's good fun as well ), but to generate a bit of excitement and to give us all time to gather together our email contacts so when it does break, we can achieve maximum impact by waging our own electronic blitzkrieg.

    Those who are griping and complaining are the equivalent of the kid who throws a screaming tantrum in the middle of the supermarket, shrieking to their mom, "I want it NOW." So let me turn this around to those who are so upset and ask them, since you first learned that something Big was about to break, what have YOU done to prepare to tell everyone in your locality about it? How many people are on YOUR email list? It takes time to gather that information, to trawl the internet, to call people up in the many local organizations that would benefit from this information and ask for their email addresses. Then, you can call yourself an ACTIVIST, and do something positive to strike back at WT rather than just moan about those who are doing something.

    If you need more information on what to do, see

    So, was Barbara wrong to give people here advance warning of what was about to happen? Absolutely not.

    OK, it's unfortunate that the information is taking a couple of days longer than expected to be published. As others have already said, months ago Barbara was given a general indication that the material would be published 'around the middle of December.' A week or so ago, she was then told it would be Monday 12th, so she started her Big News thread on Saturday 10th. Not unreasonable, I'd suggest. Yesterday she learned there was illness at the publishers and the material would be delayed a couple of days.

    Big deal. Grow up. Get some email addresses.

  • sf

    IT Support,


    What if she had waited until the news actually broke? I can see the chaos and question now: "why didn't you warn us?! You knew this and are just now telling us? How are we to prepare when we didn't even get a clue as to what was coming?"

    PREPARE PEOPLE! Get your contacts in order. And make sure your printer is filled and in good working order and that you have plenty of paper.

    If all you feel and can do is prepare others for the news, that is fine too. That is DOING something. And it is apreciated.


  • undercover
    The key is to get the news out as fast and as wide as possible before the GB has a chance to come up with a bullshit response. They have to decide by committee whether to scratch their butts or not and they wont have time to do it this time. This is going to completely take them off guard. The system that they say they are no part of but use and hide behind when ever they fell like it is going to shove it right back in their face. They will have no control over it. The news is dependant on something to happen that has not yet happened but will very soon.

    Is this tipping the hand a little too much? If the WTS is monitoring and they saw this would they be able to figure out what it is they are getting ready to do but haven't and then stop so they can't get caught?

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