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  • peggy

    I am sure I am in the minority, and I am as anxious as the next one to know what the BIG NEWS is. Still.......I find the BIG NEWS post irresponsible! BIG TODAY is far better for everyone, then BIG NEWS is coming! Coming when? Coming soon. It is BIG NEWS, but I can't tell you! IMHO, that is BULLSHIT! KEEP YOUR mouth shut, till it is actually NEWS!

    I HATE...... I KNOW SOMETHING YOU DON"T........It is the JW way!


  • avishai


    No, it's not the JW way, it's a way to alert posters so they can help out!!

  • daniel-p

    Yes, chill. Let's not make Barbara regret any of this by any over-reacting to a very minor let-down.

  • Nosferatu

    Hey, another thread about the BIG NEWS!!!

  • 95stormfront

    The over-reacting has already begun........

  • in a new york bethel minute
    in a new york bethel minute

    i'll tell you one thing... everybody here is getting way to excited about something they know nothing about! now THAT'S the JW way... let's all just be calm and wait for the special assembly day... if we build it up, we could get let down... you guys have all seen the clip of tom cruise's last appearance on oprah? if those are his highs, imgagine his lows... let's not get so excited just to get let down...

    i'm not trying to be a dick... i would love to hear something really cool and wild... but let's wait patiently!


  • Bonnie_Clyde

    Let's take a Valium!

  • blindersoff

    Peggy, In all due respect, I disagree.

    The advance notice has given us time to deal with how we might personally want to use the information referred to. Some are deciding to wait & not contact friends/relatives immediately. Others are deciding to go for it. Possibly our knee jerk reaction might be different than if we have some time to plan. Others can use the time to apply the suggestions given by those with expertize in the area. Some good , specific ideas were given on 'the thread'. Hopefully we can do a better job with this than was done with the UN matter. The net & JWD has come a long way since then.

    I would say 'just my opinion', but why should I express anyone elses


  • sf

    Each of us chooses how we are reacting.

    If this is driving you nuts to the point of disrespecting someone you nothing about, perhaps you should refrain from reading any of these big news threads until the news has been revealed.

    What is so difficult about just waiting patiently for the news, as stated?

    I do not see the difficulty. I see something else rather.


  • seven006


    I think the way Barbara has done this is not only necessary but it is essential. It’s not bullshit. You will understand when the information is released. Just because you do not know what it is doesn’t make it bullshit. Just because some do and are not saying because of the timing, also does not make it bullshit.

    Chill out, have a drink, sit back, and make sure you have some ink in your printer.


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