Do you think this is for real

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  • skyman

    A few weeks ago a man that live near my house wrecked his car and was killed about 5:45 AM. The mans friend my partner in business was at my house at 6:00 the go hunting on my place. After he went hunting he left to find what had happened to his friend because he had not shown up. He found the man but he was allready dead. Heres what happened that morning my wife said that a man appeared to her in her sleep and said to tell Todd it was not his fault, it was foggy. Thats it. Later the next day I asked Todd if he felt responsible for his friends death. Todd said yes because he called and begged him to go hunting that morning but the man did not want to go but decided to meet Todd and go anyway because he was not going to take no for an answer. So I Told Todd what my wife saw and he started killing and said thanks that I did not know how much that ment to him.

    My wife has the abilty like the Show medium and she saw in advance that my neiphew was going to be killed by being shot at close range in the head. That afternoon after she told me it happened. She has saw many peoples death before it has happened. Now we warn people that we know when she has the dreams. She believes she talks to dead people at time that come to her and it make her mad that they do this to her. I am getting freaked out please give me some advice because this last time removed all doubt for my mind.

  • defd

    Your topic asked if we think it is to be real. I assume I can comment without all the backlash. Yes I think it could be real. However, you said...."She believes she talks to dead people " Dead people cannot talk. They are conscious of NOTHING at all. So if she is conversing with spirits it is not spirits of the dead. As a former Elder you know what I am talking about, right?



  • Satanus

    It sounds like the real thing to me. What kind of help do you want? No doubt there will come debunkers on this thread. Maybe they will help you feel better.


  • mrsjones5

    Why are you freaked out? Do you want your wife to stop having these visions? Do you see this as dangerous for your wife? Has it harmed her in anyway?


  • skyman

    As some of you all know I have been responsible for many a post saying I don't believe others on the board that ESP and ALL of the things related to it are real. It bothers me because I have to admit that there is something bigger than us. My wife use to be a pioneer and had she did this all the while going with no support from her family. As a teenager she walked over two miles per day so she could meet a pioneer sister and go with her. I now know why. She thought if she would do everthing Jehovah asked her to do, these dreams and visions would leave. She did not tell me any of this untill after I left the BORG. She thought I would call her a witch and make a huge production about this in the Body of ELders and soon everyone would think she was demonized.

  • caligirl

    Yes, I believe it to be real, and it fascinates me.

  • KimKat

    Yes, I think it is real - I think some people have the ability to 'know' things that other people cannot.

    Maybe a special ability. I think it is very interesting. I don't think we are suppose to understand

    all things - somethings happen that we cannot or willnot understand. KimKat

  • bigmouth

    Quickly!Burn all non-witness literature!(IF it will burn).Search out all your smurf dolls and empty vessels and smash them.Do more study and field service and the voices will go away.Do it now!There is no time to lose.The end is near.

  • Steve Lowry
    Steve Lowry

    Well, I don't know about speaking with the dead, but I have had experience with speaking with the spirit realm. There IS something there, I just don't know what it is exactly. Speaking with the 'invisibles' is not something I ever wanna do in this life again, so I understand your wife's concerns.

  • Nate Merit
    Nate Merit

    Its as real as you need it to be skyman.


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