Do you think this is for real

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  • lonelysheep

    I feel like this:

    No one really KNOWS what is out there except based on our experiences. I would consider her's real as me sitting in front of this computer screen right now.

    Not all things need an explanation....they just are.

    I've had a few dreams where someone deceased appeared, and I take it as real. The most recent one being around Thanksgiving.

    You don't need affirmation from us.

  • Woodsman

    You need to change your elk's feed and stop breathing so much fresh air. Seriously it is what it is. The night before 911 I had a dream about being on a jet that crashed and in the morning I was impatiently changing channels feeling there should be some big news story whereas normally I would just leave ABC on while I got ready for work. It was errie afterward when I remembered that. So I don't knock anyone for having dreams.

  • skyman

    I really a ppreciate all the post. Like I said it bothers me, the plain fact is I would be more conferrable believing that there is nothing unexsplained out there. It really has been a transformation in my belief structure allowing room for believing in all of this. I can no longer not believe her stacking it up the coincidence. I have now allowed my brain to except JW"S not being true and ESP being true. Boy what a differrent person I am now than I was just 10 years ago. All the money in the world would not changed my thinking only being humbled and realizing the fact that a persons mind is allways evolving.


    I received a phone call one morning and a friend informed me that one of my son's best friends had been killed in a car accident. I went in, woke my son up, and said I had some bad news to tell him. He said "_____was killed in a car wreck." I asked how he could possibly know that? He said that he had woke up during the night and just knew what had happened, stayed awake for a while, but decided that he could possibly be wrong as there was no phone call. So when I woke him up and said I had bad news he immediately knew he had been right. Strange...


  • SusanHere

    Yes, of course it can be real. I have had many such dreams, as have other women in my family, including my JW sister. They come true whether we want them to or not.

    The latest one I had involved a grandchild. I saw her nearly drowning, while two people stood by and watched, not helping. Because I couldn't tell which grandchild, I phoned each of our children with the warning. One of my children was at that time vacationing at a lake. He took the dream seriously, as my children have learned from experience to do, and kept a close watch on his child around the lake.

    The next day, though, she was a passenger on a small ATV being driven by an idiot older cousin, with another cousin also on board. The ATV flipped over into the river that fed the lake. The driver fished out his brother, but not my grandchild, who is only four.

    Miracle of miracles, she pulled herself out using the grasses and weeds in the water. Do I believe in dreams? YOU BET I DO!!!


  • SusanHere

    Oh, and yes, the dead can contact the living through dreams, under certain circumstances. Soul sleep, though a cherished belief of some religions, is not universally accepted even by the majority of Christians. I have many experiences of such contact either personally or by those close to me.

    Demon spirits? No. Nothing good can follow demonic contact, and the dreams I speak of have been of great blessing to those who received them. That rules out anything involving demons.



    I woke up one night around 1 a.m. and for some odd reason decided to look out my bedroom window. (Usually, I just fall back asleep) There was my precious lab trying to get out of the pool!!! We had left him tied up to his runner and thought it was far enough away from the pool so that he couldn't get in. I dashed down the steps in my nightie, jumped in the pool and saved my baby!!! He was very tired and I don't know how long he had been in there. No one believed my story the next morning! But I know I'm his hero!!!


  • hubert

    I've heard that humans only use a small percentage of their brain power. (around 10 percent)?

    So, how do we know some of us don't have special abilities?

    I think many of us have had dreams or "premonitions" that have come true, and who really knows what dreams are? Maybe it is a way to keep in contact with the "other" world.

    I don't believe in "demons".

    Skyman, I wouldn't worry about her dreams. Look at it as having something extra that most people don't have, a certain "quality" that may someday help someone with a situation, through your wife's dreams.


  • Jeffro


    I've heard that humans only use a small percentage of their brain power. (around 10 percent)?

    Oh dear, not this again. Which 90% of your brain would you like removed? Good luck finding a surgeon willing to do it. Or you could try shooting yourself in the head... apparently you have a pretty good chance of only hitting the useless bits.

    The 10% thing is a myth spread by people who do not understand even the simplest principles of neurology.

    Aside from this basic point, it is quite a stretch to assume that the unused part (if it did exist) must be used for paranormal abilities.

  • Nate Merit
    Nate Merit

    Hello Jeffro

    This is probably not exactly what either of you mean, but there are sections of the brain specifically hardwired for religious/spiritual experiences.


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