there may be many like defd

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    Welcome, Justicehope, and 2stepper.

    Hope to hear more from both of you.


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    I think it's a good thing to not show a hostile attitude toword the Witnesses or the Organization, as hostillity rarely does much but reafirm to fringe witnesses that they, "must have the truth.", because of their Organization being the target of former members attacks. Although for one to sample all the evidence and still put unwavering hope in that flawed entity is beyond me. It's like trying to have your cake and eat it too, it's called riding the fence, essentially a hypocrite. This though is only meant toword ones who possitivelly have weighed out and seen the truth behind the Watchtower Organization and still continue to go out of their way to support it. Pherhaps even trying to use such information to their advantage in rising the Organizational ladder. This hopefully is to the exception as most do have a concience that would prevent such a hypocritical front on their part.

    For the most part though, which I think encompasses most with genuine questions concerning the Watchtower Organization, is it possibly a measure ones take to not have to deal with the fact that their religious system is not what it has stated it is? Is it self denial? I've seen ones who have been represented with the truth about the Witnesse, acknowledge that "Yes they were misleading.", yet a week later they have resorted back to their previous stance of feverishly backing the Witnesses. I think much of it is induced by the indoctrinated guilt and they fear to take any real stand of their own, or use their own reasoning to its full, in fear of being eternally damned as an apostate.

    It's a process in leaving any high pressure religion and it takes time and much effort to put the indoctrinated thought processes behind oneself. It is natural for ones freshly out of the organization to still hold to many of its beliefs and practices, even to second guess if their leaving the religion was the right thing to do. One must continue to research and reaffirm in their minds, to seperate the right from wrong. Then in time one can eventually slowly shed the cocoon that the Watchtower society has placed around its followers and truelly experience freedom. It is also highly recomended to seek psychological help in this process of exiting, preferably from a genuine counsellor or one who has much experience with the religion and in helping ones both physically and mentally exit such groups. All this coupled with time will eventually give you a sence of freedom that you could never enjoy under the control of the Witness Organization.

    Welcome to the board Justicehope and hope you stick around to post some more.


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    If this is the way you truly feel, then you are practicing apostacy already. The Watchower has said this is the way Jehovah works though the Org. You are saying you don't care how Jehovah works through his faithful slave.

    Why do you bother saying you're a Witness when you take this stand. You know, full well, if you told the elders what you said above, there would be a meeting to correct your thinking.

    Plus, it is the Watchtower that says not to visit apostate sites. I thought you believed the Tower was God's channel?

    I'm not being critical, I like you here. I just think you're contradicting yourself.



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    Jesus and God I worry about.

    Oh DEFD!!!!! That is the music to my ears. Praise The LORD!!!! You finally GOT IT!!!

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    like having dfed here because you can not discuss a point without having both sides of the argument.

    I beg your pardon???? Did he ever answer ONE QUESTION. If so I missed it. Fill me in please




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    Looks like he's ignoring my question now!


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  • one of 12
    one of 12

    .....neither hot nor cold I will vomit you out of my mouth....... Limping upon two opinions....etc.
    The belief in a black and white world eventually fades into full colour as you age.This is why it took me 42 years to make sure of what I believed.Am I going to beat myself up over my wasted life?I think I've spent ENOUGH years doing that.

    Welcome justicehope and 2stepper.

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    Am I going to beat myself up over my wasted life?I think I've spent ENOUGH years doing that.

    I dont think your life was wasted... Just your input on here is NOT wasted.... You dont know what some one will digest ((((HUG)))

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    Welcome justicehope and 2stepper. I'm glad to make your acquaintance, and I hope we can have many fruitful discussions to come.

    Justicehope, your comments that the organization is "good enough" makes me sad, because the Watchtower Society is so barren in comparison to my experience as a regular Christian. Just because they've told you they are the closest thing to the truth does not make it so. I hope you'll expand your horizons a bit, perhaps read a spiritual book NOT published by the society.

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