there may be many like defd

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  • justicehope

    Thanks for a nice welcome.

  • GentlyFeral


    Wow, I cant emphisis this ENOUGH. I DO NOT WORRY ABOUT THE ELDERS AND WHAT THEY THINK! ... Elders are not Priest that we run to and confess.

    So you wouldn't hesitate to tell them that you are putting in service time here?


  • Es

    Welcome to the board.

    I must admit im with Sass on this one i tend to not read any of the topics that dfed starts....does my head in


  • dedpoet

    Hi Justicehope and 2stepper, and welcome to the board

    Glad you have joined us

  • Beep,Beep

    ""Wow, I cant emphisis this ENOUGH. I DO NOT WORRY ABOUT THE ELDERS AND WHAT THEY THINK! It is Jesus and God I worry about. Elders are not Priest that we run to and confess. Maybe that is why alot of people head out the door, they are serving the Elders instead of jehovah! ""


    Or THINK they are there to serve the Elders instead of realizing that they are JUST imperfect men TOO!!!!

  • knothead34


    i think you hit the nail on the head. it's hard to leave one religion if there is nothing (in my mind)better to go to. Some of the other churches that I've gone to (before the JWs) have left me very disappointed, so leaving the witnesses isn't an option right now. I haven't been baptized yet and probably won't, but i'll still go to the meetings and do some informal witnessing. People just tend to stay with what they know until something better comes along.

  • Golf

    Justicehope, greetings and your opinion is noted.


  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    To reply to defd's defense of his coming here is indeed futile - so I abstain. We have gone down that path before. He has once again ignored both Grace and Bryan's questions and reasonings.

    Welcome to the new posters - good to see you.

    Justicehope - you stated in your opening post that you still accepted the Watchtower views that were in harmony with the Bible. How have you come to view those doctrines after viewing the arguments here? I mean specifically the doctrines re: the Memorial celebration, the Faithful and Discreet Slave account, holidays and birthdays, and the entire punishment system [disfellowshipping] used by the WTBTS. ? Just wondering how you harmonize these with the Bible. I know the Watchtower uses some scriptural refs to support each of them, but equal scriptural arguments could be cited to overturn these teachings.

    Have you cahnged your perception on any of these matters while remaining a witness? Just curious. Once again welcome. Hope you post often.


  • aniron

    Justicehope says

    You don't commit thousands and thousands of hours to something that you don't believe in.

    Yes you do, if you are told you'll be kicked out if you don't.

    Defd says

    I have said this before, that it makes me STRONGER and a better Witness being here

    If you were then you wouldn't be on this forum. You would be obeying the WT directives not have anything to do with such websites as this.

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