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    While we are in holding pattern read this Online Encyclopedia Is A Gathering For Internet Predators
    OfficialWire - New York,NY,USA
    ... They're part of the pedophile underground that has infiltrated WikiPedia ... one can see the recent scandals of pedophiles infiltrating the Catholic church for easy ... --------- This is interesting as anyone with an IP addy can edit WikiPedia and i have had anti-wt pages that i edited that were then hacked out by dubs. Mostly pro WT page below as example Jehovah's Witnesses - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Jehovah's Witnesses are members of an international religious ... See the related
    article Doctrines of Jehovah's Witnesses for additional details. ...'s_Witnesses - 111k - Cached - Similar pages

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    Happy dad ----With all due respect.....This is what I think. For the MINORITY who are looked on as negative detractors to the POSTING OF BIG NEWS, though NOT yet seen or heard of, I am glad I can state my case and receive nothing but a critizism from you and others. When I did my home work of the religion I and many more grew up in, negative detractors were booted OUT! So for all of my CHILDISH WAYS and my STATEMENTS that mean NOTHING, over a subject that has yet to be ANNOUNCED, I am glad I spoke my mind!


  • Gerard

    The title of this thread includes JW documentaries' producers so my guess #3:

    A new JW abuse documentary has been produced with stronger material and many more names.

  • Sunspot
    So for all of my CHILDISH WAYS and my STATEMENTS that mean NOTHING, over a subject that has yet to be ANNOUNCED, I am glad I spoke my mind!


    By the same token, why did you feel it was necessary to "speak your mind" when you knew nothing about the "yet to be announced" subject? Why even say anything at all until you have heard what it IS---rather than come off as a rather negative person? What would be your objective?

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    BIG NEWS is coming,

    the geese are getting fat

    please to put a penny in the old man's hat


    no it bloomin' isn't, ignorance is driving me bloody potty on this thread, lol... just kidding, i'm patient...... yep...... paaaaatient

    *** 20, 24, 33, 36, 41 (Don't worry, they're just some page numbers to help me navigate this thread mor easily)

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    Wow! Tuesday night and the topic posts and views are growing and growing. Still no official announcement yet though. I hope it will be as hard hitting as promised and if its what I think it is it just might be the very underming of the Watchtower.


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    Ahhh Danny... You're always thinking !!! The Watchtower has to contend with what they created

    I am there very own FRANKENSTEINS' MONSTER defined as the creature that turns on it's creator. You MADE me Watchtower how do you now like your very own out of control monstrosity? Eeeeeek run for cover.........

  • Seeker4

    I'm kind of chuckling this evening, as I think about this particular thread. It is really quite historic in its own way, considering the size and number of hits. I'd like to ask the moderators if there has ever been a post like this. We'll be telling our grandkids and great-grandkids about our involvement in this:

    "Yeah, I thought it was all bullshit!"

    "I was hanging in there with Barbara, but I just couldn't stand the suspense!"

    "I was hoping for so much more."

    "It was more than I ever could have hoped for."

    "I was saying that Barbara Anderson was just an attention seeker. Man, did I ever feel like a fool."

    Who knows. This I will say. I ordered copies of the info this morning. It's from a completely secular source, no JW or ex-JW connection, and they told me it would be mailed out this week, which verifies what Barbara has been telling us about a release date.


  • Seeker4

    Considering my previous post, I do remember a reason for some to be skeptical, though I doubt if many of the skeptics were around when this happened. Do any here remember when someone, who was pretty knowledgable and persuasive, was posting on the old H2O board as though they were an apostate Governing Body member? We were all much more skeptical of that, and rightly so, but it did create a bit of a stir.

    This is nothing like that. It's legit.


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