PROGRAMED – working out the dark side in art

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  • onacruse


    In spite of what you and I have experienced together, I must admit that I just now (12/16) viewed (and with a fair bit of trepidation) your response to my post, anticipating a sarcastic response from the nature of our conversations, which have gone on all too long! LOL

    If you will indulge me, I'll offer a few thoughts.

    You are way too sensitive. I am way to insensitive.

    A very fair evaluation, and thank you for saying that. I care too much; you care too little (the point of my last post).

    However, it's that F***-damn religion that has brought us to this point in our lives.

    As with the Muslims, and the Catholics, and the Buddhists, and every other friggin' religion that has ever forced it face upon this planet.

    Take care ya nut, and put the beer down.

    I will, and back at 'ya.

    As an aside: As I'm listening to a "blues" channel here, one of the songs included the phrase "Jesus and God don't sing."

    Did Jesus or God ever "paint"?

  • onacruse


    Speaking of which Craig, how are you?

    In the sense of "working out the dark side"...I see it, and I hate it.

    That is part of the passion/emotion which I most hate, and yet, like the moth to the flame, seem to be inevitably attracted.

    Why? WHY? WHY?

    In all honesty, the best thing that ever happened to me is to meet Kate...she is that anchor in my soul, that the Biblical promise of Hebrews said would come from Jesus.

    So much for Jesus.

    btw, I was looking for the Vincent thread the other night.


  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    Wow I get it.

    In the light of WTism I think it is perfect.

    My take on it...

    Let's face it controlling people is dark.

    Mind control is dark.

    The hands coming out of nowhere is the unseen GB. Like a drone the parts recite the words they have been given. No thought is allowed except those given by the unseen ones.

    I like that the arms seem to be coming out of something either breaking apart or unreal.

    Reality on the other hand is below - solid, firm and orderly.

    Interesting too that the eyes are looking up - towards the unreal? instead of below where a solid footing could take hold.

    Well that's just what I see. I haven't read the other posts. I prefer to have my own reactions first. But now I will go read what others have said

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    egads Chris Craig and Dave all together chatting each other up and I missed the whole thing.

    memo to self - keeping yanking on Chris's chain to keep him from falling too far into observations

  • seven006


    Here is the mind cage illustration. I couldn’t find the original layered Photoshop file so this one has a book title at the top of it. Sorry. I still can't load anything here from my Mac so you’ll have to follow the link and pull it off of the web page.


    Thanks man, the checks in the mail.

    Jesus who?

    You are closer then you think.


  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee


    Glad I am close. That was just my interpretation.

    Art is such a personal expression of self. I have a couple of oil paintings (both are abstracts) done by someone I know. I've had them for oh about ten years now. I still see new things in them everyday.

    I'm sure if I sat with your work I'd be seeing more things

    But really I would be more interested in what you see in your work - but then that the counselor in me - always curious abut why people do the things they do

  • jgnat

    seven006, you haven't seen my work. And you can't see the compositions swimming in my head. But I do claim enough understanding of the craft of art to appreciate your work. It is very good.

    I am feeling the pull of the dark side in my own work (both writing and painting) because the only way to develop is to express honestly. To do that, I must know myself. To know myself means exploring the nasty bits.

    I still kick against the traces of "modern art" as far as SHOCK or NEW is seen as the next EVOLUTIONARY step. I'm thinking of Canada's Red Stripe, or the Fresh Meat sculptures. On the other hand, I GET Picasso. That man could draw. But he also gave back to us the horrors of the Spanish civil war. He gave us images we cannot lightly sweep away. And he had classical training at the beginning. Some of the "modern" work I see nowadays imitate Picasso's later STYLE but none of his PASSION.

    There are two quotes that guide my work these days. Both give me the shivers still,

    What did you love as a child? What makes you passionate now? Between the answers to these two questions lies your destiny.

    Me, I want passion, something wild, not perfection's high gloss. Screw good taste, just drop your shirt and show me your scars Donald Newlove in First Paragraphs

  • alamb

    Thank you so much! I love this piece and admire the rest also. It makes a great screen-saver when my JW kids come over.

  • notperfectyet

    alamb...could you PM me?

  • seven006


    The meaning of art in general has changed so much over history a renaissance masters work can be seen as crap and a few brush strokes on a blank canvas done by a trained monkey can be seen as brilliant.

    Marketing hype and media ignorance has bastardized the whole field as of late. I have always painted what I knew would sell, now I just want to create the art I want to do. Just wait to see the one I’m working on now.

    If you’re trying to get into my head and figure out if I hate my mommy, good luck. I don’t even know who she is anymore. Just like of a lot of us here, my upbringing and programmed warped perspective of reality has distorted my past and only left me trying to pick up the pieces and figure it all out several paces behind the rest of the human race. Some times it’s interesting because of my old perspective on things and sometimes it just pisses me off.

    Life goes on.


    Thanks, maybe you should post some of your work, I’d love to see it. Picasso was a great artist when he was young, Then he let the media get to him and he did a lot of his later work as a joke. He could pee on a canvas or bend a metal spoon then sign his name to it and it would sell for thousands. It was his way of saying the art buying crowed at the time was stupid. Mark Kostabie took the joke even further and the media ate it up. It’s all a little crazy now.


    Your welcome.


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