JWs & Trying to Ruin Others' Holidays (long vent)

by rebel8 23 Replies latest jw experiences

  • jeanniebeanz

    I am so very glad that those people are out of my life for good. Their self-righteous persecution complex just kills me... When did it become okay to crap on the beliefs of others and yet retain the right to cry foul when your own religious beliefs are questioned? Point out their own religious intolerance and they just don't get it.


  • confused_101

    I'm a bit confused (name says it all) Is your mom a JW? If so, then why would she be coming to your Christmas dinners (or any other "wordly" holiday get together). I guess it was always my understanding that JW have NOTHING to do with any pagan holidays (atleast that is what was always pounded into my head). I don't mean to bring up any...hmmm...I'm even sure how to word it. I guess hard feelings, or negative thinking. It just seems that if she is so against you having your Christmas get togethers then she shouldn't be there.

  • Honesty
    I have decided I am going to tell them to stop persecuting me!

    I do not invite any antichrist activists to parties. I have had to stop inviting my cult member mom (not JW but just as bad; she bows down to Herbert W. Armstrong's image) to any celebration because of her bad attitude. I just got tired of hearing, "Y'all can believe what you want to but God is going to make you answer to Him for observing pagan holidays and worshipping Jesus." I don't have to worry about the JW's because the only family members I have trapped in that cult is my 9 year-old son and his 13 year-old sister.

  • M.J.

    The title of this thread made me think of the tasteless JW practice of proselytizing on Christmas day.

  • MidwichCuckoo
    The title of this thread made me think of the tasteless JW practice of proselytizing on Christmas day

    ......do you mean like turning up at the Kingdom Hall on Memorial night trying to peddle another religion/beliefs?

  • heathen
    my mother told my siblings to sit on Santa's lap, pull his beard off in front of the other kids and say they don't believe in Santa

    I was lmao at this . I remember once asking santa if I could pull his beard and look out it was a real beard . The "worldly" kids like to do that too because they know they are being lied to and expected to believe all that crap about santa . I've never heard of a j-dub doing those type things just to trash christmas . I guess some feel they have to get even for all the insults they put up with over it . Christmas people are not always polite either .

  • Sunspot

    I dunno, Rebel8, from the way I read this, your mother doesn't seem to enjoy being at the parties you host, and seems to thnk it's a free-for-all for her to vent her (JW) opinions and see how much of her influence over you she can get away with. If I am out of place, feel free to correct me.

    When certain people in my life have proven time and time again that they behave in badly in matters like this---I am forced to make a choice as to what is the best all around---allowing them to continue on this way, or taking the bull by the horns and telling them that you just will not be putting up with this nonsense for one more moment.

    If they don't comply---they are the ones acting like a skunk at a garden party---not you, and making other guests (and you) feel uncomfortable is not acceptable anywhere or under any circumstances! Tell her----then let it go. What have you lost, other than aggravation and all the angst you can put into a basket?

    SHE is the one at fault, and has done this far too often for it to be a slip of the tongue or a mistake. Let her stew in her own juices a while until she apologizes...or doesn't. Put it back onto her shoulders since she's the one causing the problems!

    It sounds like such fun, and all the work and preparation should not be thrown into the dumper because of one person's selfish behavior! Looking back now, I can see where I made many mistakes and let toxic people make much to much worry for me and my family. I wished I had been brave enough to act on it as I'm advising you to do. I was always so worried about "what would they think if I set them straight on MY feelings---and that they might not LIKE me any more". NOW I am fair but firm about letting these people treat me badly in fear of displeasing them.....most times they don't really "approve" of us (me) to begin with, so it's high time to get down and sort this out once and for all time!

    just my 2 cents...


    Annie.............who owes Rebel8 a PM when I can....I didn't forget.....

  • bigmouth

    I have to tell you, I have given up on my mother!!! We DO NOT talk anymore

    Mothers eh?Can't live with them and you can't kill them!

    Welcome nicholeb and anointed2.My mother was such a mind control freak that I had to keep myself and my family away from her for about 5 years until she died.The realisation of her mortality never even prompted her to change her attitude.

  • sass_my_frass

    Isn't it appalling how bad their manners can be? I used to be embarrassed about it when I was in and I'm disgusted by it now. They don't have to make an effort to avoid 'bad associations' - their friends and former family slowly back away from them when they become impossibly rude.

  • jessthebull

    I remeber what use'd to really bug me was the way when ever some one wished us merry christmas we had to launch into how we didn't celebrate christmas and why. I cant even imagine how annoying this must have been for all the various check out operators, shop assistants, teachers, friends etc. I was a pretty bad wittness though - i would just wish them a merry christmas back.

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