Hello Everyone From a Newby

by Apostate Kate 35 Replies latest jw friends

  • MsMcDucket

    Go at your own pace. Trying new things is always overwhelming, at first. It will get easier as you go. You've got a lot of deprogramming to do. Once you start doing that the fears will start decreasing. We'll be here for support.

    There's a lot of nervous people here! I guess I'll have to pass Ativan and Xanax to all!

    Heck, I'm nervous too!

  • jwfacts

    great to hear from you. this board is really addictive, because it is great to finally be understood. I also love the depth of knowledge contained here.

  • Legolas

    Welcome to the board!

    I look forward to reading more of your posts!

  • Honesty

    Welcome back, Kate

    Most of us are labeled apostates but when all is said and done the only apostate is the Watchtower corporation and its demonised Governing Body.

  • RichieRich

    Welcome to all the NEWBIES!!

    One of the things I like so much is the broad range of people on this board.

    Folks from around the world, and who have seen and heard and done just about everything.

    The ApostaKid,


  • SPAZnik

    Does this mean we're *stuck* with you? ;) (teasing) Welcome ApostateKate. Every time. However long you choose to stay. Do whatchu gotta do. :) SPAZZY

  • YoursChelbie


    Post your thoughts as often as you like.


  • Gretchen956


    Welcome to JWD again! It is all overwhelming when you go back and face all those feelings of anger, fear, etc. But when you begin to do that you allow yourself to begin the healing process. All that "stuff" has to go somewhere, and usually it results in some health problems, or suppression by food or alcohol or something more. Its so much better to let that steam off, work through those feelings, and become whole. We're all in various stages of that ourselves.

    The biggest thing you will find here is support. Talking to people who feel your pain because they have felt it themselves is a big help in and of itself.

    For me, when something is overwhelming its usually because I'm trying to bite off too much. Just take one day at a time, let go one thing at a time, and you will make it through.



  • MossHart

    Welcome Kate. Glad to have you back. :)

  • serendipity

    Welcome Kate!

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