Hello Everyone From a Newby

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  • Apostate Kate
    Apostate Kate

    What an awesome morning to wake up to all these lovely welcomes. Thank you, every one of you. One said something like "we are all in different stages of healing," that is so true. It has been over a decade since my mind was set free, and still I get triggered emotionaly.

    Wishing you all a wonderful day. Life can be beautiful outside the walls of the Watchtower. I'll probably share my story in very small stages. We are survivors and I still get angry for the ones that didn't make it out alive, or whole. You all know what I mean. My best friends. All this suffering in the name of God is what makes me so angry still. Making people think God is requiring them to cut loved ones out of their lives when the bible says that God IS love. God so loves the world that.... love love love but the org managed to convince us that it wasn't about love at all.

    As Ellen says; anywaaaaaaaaays...

    Thank you again, all of you.

  • Es

    welcome Kate,

    Just take it slow one day at a time, we are here for you

    enjoy your stay


  • Pistoff

    WELCOME KATE...................

    God, you crack me up, Richie.

    Keep it up.

  • delilah

    Welcome, and hugs, to you, Kate....yes, outside the confines of the organization, there is a big, beautiful, wonderful world.....waiting for us to explore. Please stay and heal your wounds.


  • Spectre


  • dedpoet

    Hi apostatekate, and welcome, it's good to have you here

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