I just found this site....THANK GOD!

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  • These3Words

    Hi confused,

    I just recently found this site myself and I love it.I applaud your courage to leave the JW's.There are many levels to your recovery and youv'e accomplished to most difficult one allready.I think you will find us "wordly" people arn't so bad! If being wordly means I'm a free thinking unconditional loving person, then call me WORDLY and proud of it!! Oh and by the way my relationship with God is better now than It ever was under the influance of the JW's!! Ive only posted a few messages on this chat room and I can tell you that there are some people here that are on a level that I aspire at one day.


  • sass_my_frass

    Great to have you here.

    My two cents; the search is too long for anybody's lifetime, and God knows it. Meantime try not to hurt anybody, try to enjoy your time on this planet, and maybe try to create a little love here and there. Works for me atm.

    Hey you sound pretty together anyway, all the very best to you!

  • Legolas

    Welcome to the board!

  • jwfacts

    Welcome. You will find here that you are very normal. Just take your time. A lifetime of indoctrination takes time to get over, but after talking to others you will find things get better for you. You will love being able to finally think for yourself, weigh up evidence, and find a life course that is the one you are meant to follow. I hope I can help you along the way.

  • Honesty

    Welcome, Confused

    You will not be (confused, that is) after you spend some time reading up on the Watchtower Corporation and comparing its dogma with the Bible.

  • dinah

    Hello comfort_101, nice to meet you. I've only been here a few days and have been too busy reading to get to know anyone yet!

    Those of us who were born into the organization only to get tossed out, are the only ones who can understand us, IMHO. My husband has been through the ringer with my craziness. My best friend was df'd at the same time I was (20 years ago)--now she understands how it is! Even after 20 years it's still hard to be "normal"--maybe even impossible! I totally agree that it is SO HARD growing up a witness. I would never put a child through it. You are a weirdo in school, can't do anything other kids are doing. It's not always that the other kids are doing bad things, either. Just going out to the movies was forbidden, football games, ANY kind of socializing with your peers.

    I think it makes us grow up fast, but in some ways leaves us with no coping mechanism after that WT rug is pulled out from under us. Those "worldlu boys" were the downfall of alot of us. LOL.

    Nice to meet you, once again.

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    Welcome to the forum, confused.

    I really doubt that you will get anyone to tell you what to believe. There is a wide variety of thinking here though, and it opens the mind and lets the healing start.

    I would only make one recommendation: read read read. Not just here, but mainly books, books of any sort that will get your mind out of the Watchtower box. Many never get completely free due to the subtle influence of the teachings on our minds. The best way to do that IMO, is to read and fill up the void with worthwhile thoughts and education on any subject.

    Just My Opinion


  • Undecided

    Hi Confused,

    Don't panic from not knowing the answers about life and the universe, actually no one has the verifiable answer. A lot of people will claim to know it all but it is just based on a faith in their mind. Not that it's bad for them, but you will need time to find your place on this earth, take you time and enjoy the ride.

    Ken P.

  • sf
  • Mr Rocky
    Mr Rocky

    Welcome Confused,

    What I have always liked about this site is that if someone tries to judge you here they will be ripped apart by others!

    We don't require your attendance at the meetings to get saved.

    You can voice any belief

    or ask any question and get all kinds of answers

    and you can't get disfellowshipped


    maybe you can if you break the posting rules below

    but we will all be at the judical meeting and stick up for you, right Simon? see posting rule # 11

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