I just found this site....THANK GOD!

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  • confused_101

    OK long story short I was baptized at 17 (because I felt pressured into it), and I was DF about 2yrs ago I believe (I'm 27 now). I wasn't at the final meeting, or any meeting about my DFing. I had an elder call me twice at work and tell me that there was meeting that night. I couldn't leave work so I couldn't go, I didn't really want to go any way and the 3rd time I had a call I was at my mom's house and I had no reception on my cell phone and we were disconnected, no one ever called back after that. It's funny that we were created with "free will" but yet that we really don't have it. If God is such a loving and forgiving God why do you have to worship only in that one way. In the eyes of JW if you even begin to step outside the box then something is wrong with you. My sis has started to try to preach to me lately. I ask her questions and her main answer is "Jehovah wants us to worship him out of love". I asked her if she has done any research on how the religion was started, she spouted off the typical answer... "Charles T. Russell...blah blah blah...." She doesn't seem to realize that it's just another religion that was created by a man, it's just his interpretation of the bible. She said that it's the "holy spirit" that showed him the way to go and what to believe", well the "holy spirit" was most likely a case of bad gas. Sorry that the post is long, I just have so many thoughts and questions running through my head. I guess that I just need to know that I'm not the only one out there that has to put up with the looks (when I see other JWs in public places) or the comments. I haven't seen my grandparents in almost 4yrs, when I finally did my grandpa told me "Don't worry sugar, you can always come back." This came from an abusive alcoholic, like I would listen to anything that he said. ACK! I just want to know what to believe in, I feel like I've been brain washed and now I'm so confused and I don't know what is up and what is down. In need of guidence, confused_101

  • AuldSoul


    WELCOME! As the comercial used to say, "...let the healing begin."

    I'm glad you found the site, too. Something to be aware of, you will likely get PMs (private messages) in response to your post. In the upper left corner of your screen you can see your screen name under the logo and it will show you what you have in your inbox. If you click on the inbox you can check your messages. (took me a week to figure that out )

    Next, we suck at telling people what to believe. My hope is you are full to the gills with being told what to believe anyway. On the other hand, we are great at supporting your journey of self-discovery. That may sound new-age(ish), and if you choose a new-age path there are people here who will pick at you about your choice and people here who will help you with it.

    Pretty much, we have a hodgepodge of people from all over who believe all sorts of things. We even have a large contingent of disbelievers, if your investigation turns you that way. We encourage discussion and reasoning on things, we encourage respectful venting and strong opinions may be challenged but they aren't thrown out without consideration.

    Welcome to the fray! Feel free to PM me with any questions regarding reasoning points you might use with your sister.

    If I may ask, where are you spiritually right now? What do you think and feel about things?


  • skyman

    We can help you here. I feel your pain and all most everyone here knows what you are going through. Asks us question about things that have bothered you and we can help you answer them.

  • bythesea

    WELCOME CONFUSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    We're glad you found this site too! You will find people from all kinds of situations here and able to offer insights and their experiences to help you along your way. Many well-read types too....hopefully you won't have to remain "confused" for too long! I hope we hear from again soon! Try reading "The best of..." section to start getting info on all kinds of topics!


  • serendipity

    Hi confused,

    Welcome to the forum! I can understand where you're coming from because I was coerced into getting baptized at 18. I did a little research on a few topics before that, but only a little - I guess I was afraid of what I would find. I'm on a spiritual journey as well and I'm trying to redefine 'truth' whatever that may be. I wish you the best on your quest.

  • Sassy

    Welcome Confused! You are going to love this site and the support and friends you get here.. AND people who UNDERSTAND..

  • codeblue

    Welcome Confused

    I felt just like you about 2.5 years ago... Pull up a chair, have a cup of coffee (or a martini? lol) and read. There are some great people here and some kind people that remember how you feel.



  • Golf

    Gretings and welcome, you have plenty of companions on this forum so your in good hands. Its' not ALLSTATE, but it will do.

    What's with this not knowing what's up or down. Let me show you. Stand erect, now 'raise' your head towards the ceiling, that's up, now 'lower' your head towards the floor, that's down, got it? (pun intended)

    Enjoy your stay.


  • daniel-p

    Welcome ((((((((confused_101))))))))

    You now have the permission to voice any comment, positive or negative about anything in your life! Doesn't that feel good?

  • misspeaches

    Welcome! to the board...

    Welcome! to not having to be confused any more

    Welcome! to meeting and getting to know people who actually UNDERSTAND who you are and why you do certain things.


    Please cancel any appointments you have for the next month. As I guarantee you will be ADDICTED to reading, absorbing and shocked at what you will learn here!

    We are so pleased that you found this site as well!

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