Nowhere else to go

by joelbear 55 Replies latest jw friends

  • kls

    there is an unreachable part of myself that is condemned as evil.

    i have always known it existed and i have always tried to do as much good as i could

    to offset it, but in the end it has won, it cannot be vanquished.

    Joel, everyone has evil in them just as everyone has good . Unreachable ? no , only if you let it. Who said what you do or think is evil ? You control your life 'YOU " and you need to think or yourself worthy just as everyone is . You have a right to be alive and live to be happy but you have to do it for yourself because no can take you by the hand and do it for you .

    Joel , yourself estem is very low so build it up . Do something that you enjoy and let life come to you and tell yourself " I am worth it and have a right to be happy and damn it i am going to get it".

    You are never alone

  • nilfun
    If you need to go into hospital then good.


  • joelbear

    brain kicking

  • z

    I’m 55yrs old I did not cry for long time after seeing your posts I did I don’t blame you
    I see your pain and I fill it but filling sorry for yourself is not the best way to handle it to me you must be very intelligent person your words are so powerful you describe pain I
    fill It all over there is someone out there who can love you go out and look for that one
    never give up be yourself look for the future write a book you can do it your words so strong I would love to read a book you publish I always look for your post you make me live them pls don’t give up we all love you I DO


  • MsMcDucket

    Joel you need to talk to your doctor, right now! Don't post anything else on here call your doctor! Tell him what's going on. The medication may be making you feel suicidal. You have to call him!

  • joelbear

    a small boy is set on fire and thrown over a cliff

    it is a long drop

  • MsMcDucket

    Joel what city and state do you live in? Send me your phone number. If you won't call for help, I will.

  • stillAwitness

    I hope that you see althought you feel so alone that you see there are people who do care.You have 2 pages worth of posts so far from many people who don't even know you yet are still willing to give you words of encouragement.

  • misspeaches


    please post!!!! are you okay?

  • joelbear

    i am not going to kill myself today.

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