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  • atypical

    Yeah, my pioneer partner bought a thrift store suit jacket ( a little trend I started in our town) and became convinced it was demonized. (I think he just lost his nerve to wear that bright plaid to the kingdom hall). I tried to get him to just give it to me to wear, but he insisted on burning it. I was there while he did it. With me watching, he kept yelling that it wouldn't burn. Then he said that it was changing colors while it was burning. Actually, it burned exactly the way you would expect a large piece of pure polyester to burn.

  • Carmel

    isn't second hand rum something you flush?


  • wombat

    Carmel - be nice. It's called recycling

  • SPAZnik

    Hi ya Wombat :)

  • wombat

    This is such an addictive chat room. My dear 88 y.o. mother staggered out at 2.00 am yesterday and asked me "What are they talking about?" I read to her for about half an hour. She loved it.

    She hates the WTS with a vengence because of the harm it has done to her family. It was affecting her health. She tells me that now it is such a relief to discover so many similar souls that it has reduced her anger and frustration.

    This site exposes the stupidity and duplicity of the WTS so clearly from the mouths of those who would know.

    Now my mother and I can get rid of the anger and begin to feel a bit of compassion for those still trapped.

    I guess that I had better hit PayPal soon with $20.

  • Legolas

    Tell your mother a big 'Hello' from us!

  • TopHat

    Welcome wombat, You wouldn't be from Tasmania, would ya?

  • wombat

    Will do Legolas - plus a big hug. She is so frustrated that she can't see a computer screen. But we did spend five weeks in a two star hotel in Calcutta this time last year - just after we got back from Japan. That's another story. She is so strong.

    She had a great 88th birthday. Shame that I was the only one of her 5 kids there. Still hasn't seen her great-great grand daughter. She is very disappointed in them but refuses to let it upset her.

    She is determined to live to see the WTS disappear up it's own bottom. (Trying to be polite.)

  • wombat

    Nah TopHat..........I've only got one head......(Most Tasmanians are related to each other).

    QUEENSLANDER !!!!!!!

  • Legolas

    Keep reading through the post's!

    Some of the things that blew me away were how they own 49-50% shares in a company that make engines for war crafts, and shares in a company that make cigarettes, how they joined the UN for 10 years and then left after the news broke about it, and how the date 1914 is false!

    I am sure your mom will love to hear those thing!

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