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by wombat 49 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • Cellist

    Hi Wombat.

    It's good to have you aboard. I think you'll fit in just fine here.


  • doofdaddy

    G'Day Wombat

    As a young feller in Qld I dimly recall all the old guys shooting Bundy rum with pot(as in beer glass size) chasers!!!

    Caused a few punchups

    Welcome to the board


  • misspeaches

    Hi ya Wombat and welcome!!!

    Seems like you are going to fit in nicely in these parts....

    I figured you must be aussie with your name being wombat and all....

    But this bundy rum business... Bad very bad... I have seen people go troppo on the OP rum. Especially my brother. I remember one night he and his friend drinking a whole bottle. I swear they were demon possessed afterwards! And then when they insisted I drive them to the coast the next day they made my whole car stink of the rum as it seeped through the pores of their skin. GROSS!!!

    I'd like to know what you did as a JW to make them remember you so well! Hell, I grew up in the one area for 28 years stop going to meetings and nobody notices!

  • doofdaddy

    Aw Peaches

    Their loss is our gain

    We love you

  • Ticker

    Hi Wombat and welcome to the forum mate. You can discuss whatever you feel like here doesnt have to be scriptural, just whatever you feel like talking about.



    Hi Wombat....please take a picture next time...I'd love to see what demon possession looks like!


  • Nate Merit
    Nate Merit

    Hi Wombat!

    Aye, the demon rum and th' old "evil spirit in the coat" routine. Tsk tsk.

    Welcome aboard.


  • theinfamousone

    WELCOME ABOARD!!! now, just so u know, im the resident demon on this website, and stop blaming us for ur own problems u crazy bunch of humans... we do not inhabit jackets, bottles of rum or anything... ur all morons... TAKE THAT!!!

    the infamous one

  • wombat

    What a great, crazy bunch of people. What a warm welcome.

    A wombat is an Australian marsupial, 'bout the size of a small pig but furry and loveable. It eats roots and leaves. But it doesn't drink rum and slap it's missus around. (That's the bush turkey, does that).

    Actually joking about the drink bit. Been in detox twice and I don't want to bother those good people again. 1973 I said to myself "Armageddon-outa-here" and pulled up stumps. (Sorry, cricket analogy - means called the game quits). My three older siblings had been in the troof since the late '50's and were really pissed off. They had been pioneers and had risen to very responsible heights in the WTS.

    Unfortunately for them I have been very successful in life. Some downs - but that makes it more fun in the long run. Naah........leaving the WTS is so liberating. Their shunning is really funny.

    Half of my WTS nephews and nieces have been set free from the troof with more to come. They know who to turn to.

  • Cellist

    The more that follow you out, the better.


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