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  • wombat

    Legolas - Dunno if I will. We fully appreciate the hypocracy of the WTS and many of it's adherents. Part of my job as her 24/7 carer is to keep her calm, happy, contented, settled. We younger folk can afford the luxury of anger. But it's really hard when the subject of the WTS arises.

    I like to read her items that make fun of the WTS and there's so much good stuff here. She just laughs so much. (She reckons that the jeans that I just bought from a thrift store might have a demonised zipper..........She can be so bad !!)

  • MidwichCuckoo

    Welcome Wombat - love your sense of humour........say a BIG hello to your Mum too, she sounds great - I hope she gets her wish re the WTBTS too!

  • Think

    Wombat, still a virgin ?

  • wombat

    Yeah Think....I actually lost my virginity early in life...but it's been such a long time since my last "experience" I think that I have healed and have become a virgin again.

    You've been doing a lot of homework Think.....You have revived a couple of interesting threads.

  • 2112

    All you demon possessed people..........I am suprized that you don't drink the "approved" libation. Guaranteed to be demon free.....................

    Johnny Walker Black Label

  • Crumpet

    Welcome and hello and hugs to wombats mum! You raised a very funny and good natured human being!

  • glitter

    I left the WTS in '73 - just couldn't wait those extra two years.

    I hope you laughed your arse off on New Year's Day 1976.

  • wombat

    Wombat's silly Mum got the taps in the shower mixed up and spent a month in the burns ward. The little darling has been home for nearly a fortnight and is doing really well.

    (I hope that everyone with little kids or old folk have temperature limiters on their bathroom taps)>

    She insists on staying happy and positive and is looking forward to her 89th birthday in April.

    And to think that only eighteen months ago we spent five weeks together in Calcutta, India, me pushing her around the filthy, crammed streets in a wheelchair. She rang a rick-shaw driver's bell to clear a path. That was her 6th visit to Calcutta. A lovely 2 star hotel.

    She went to college at age 68 and earned the qualifications to become a Travel Agent. Immediately opened her own shop and retired at age 84.

    No one is allowed to talk negative stuff in this house.

  • Undecided

    Hi Wombat,

    I left about the same time as you. I felt if I could have one year free from WT duties it would be worth Armageddon in 1975. I just put it out of my mind and enjoyed life. I hardly noticed 1975.

    I hope I live as long as your mom. I don't think I will make it to 89. I feel like I have aged 10 years this last year, never noticed I was ageing untill lately, my joints are beginning to hurt when I exercise. I'll be 70 next week.

    Enjoy your stay here.

    Ken P.

  • wombat


    Hi Ken.....Yeah. I do remember October '75. I rang up a mate and when he answered I began banging some saucepans together and screamed "It's f..n Armageddon".

    It scared the life out of him.

    Gee, I made huge money in '75. Jehovah really blessed me.

    Ken, maybe try some of the body-builders formulae full of amino acids. A British medical study published last week showed how they actually increased muscle mass in the elderley even without exercise. Better still, visit a third world country. You will feel so good when you get home.


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