Hot sisters (or brothers) in your cong...

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  • anewme

    I did not mean my comment to be a smear against the moral integrity of beautiful men or women.

    But given that the world at large worships beauty these people suffer alot of
    attention and added pressure and temptation that the rest of us average looking people do not.

  • Tigerman

    anewme . . .I know what you mean.

  • LDH
    I have always thought the modest, well groomed witnesses were pretty good looking, the sisters in their dresses and skirts, the brothers in their suits and ties.

  • Forscher

    This got me to remembering a drop-dead gorgeous red-head in my first congo who was about the same age as I. I remember her hair was straight and long. Just like me, she was sort of toward the bottom rung socially. I was on the bottom rung, however, and she had nothing to do with me. Her family moved away. And she married one handsome dude who made mucho dinero in his job. She came by every now and then to flaunt to the rest how well off she was. I used to laugh at how it eat at the folks who had been so snooty to her when she was in our congregation.

    Thanks for the pleasant memory!


  • sass_my_frass

    How I lusted after sweet Brother Cheeky, alas it wasn't to be. He used to say that he preferred women who don't wear makeup but always went for the tedious princesses who slapped it on with a trowel.

  • Es

    Oh hell yeah there were a few i had major crushes on heheh they all seem rather dorky to me now.

    I loved the conventions mmmmmmmm meat market


  • undercover

    Despite what JWs want people to believe, there is definitely a caste system in place at the halls.

    There's the spiritual caste system led by elders, pioneers and the like.

    Then there's the wealthy caste system. The brothers that even though they don't do a lot spiritually they were always in with the spiritual caste group becuase they bought their way in.

    Last, but certainly not least, was the beautiful JW caste system. This existed more with the under 30 crowd and single crowd more than others. Good looking JWs typically shunned the more homely of the congregation. In like turn, the good looking ones usually got in more trouble. The homelies used to take solace in the fact that the beauties were always in trouble while secretly jealous because they weren't invited to join in. Can you guess which group I was in? LOL... I never got in much trouble...

  • DannyHaszard

    Late teens early 20's and beyond I had a job made money and had a body like a male model.I had tons of groupies and NEVER dated,flirted or played the field which made me all the more desirable.

    I didn't finally get my FIRST girlfriend and settle down with same until my post exit at age 46 NOBODY but another patient with severe ulcerative colitis will understand.

    I have a topic about it at my site

  • RichieRich
    In like turn, the good looking ones usually got in more trouble.

    I get in tons of trouble!!!

    Yeah, there's some good looking ones in the congs in my area, but a few dogs too.

    however, the real pretty ones are usually prudish...

  • inbyathread

    There were comments from the Circuit Overseer counseling sisters to dress modestly as their low cut dresses were distracting the brothers handling the mics.

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